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Friday Trail Running (Fitness Friday 5/32/13)

Today's trail run was great. We tried a new trail and came across some cool water features and rock stepping stones. Next time, I'll try to take some pictures. We tackled some pretty steep inclines too. It was a very nice start to the morning.  What a great week of running this has been! Wow, I've had some mileage this week (for me). Since I pushed my LR from the weekend to Monday, it sort of threw off my runs this week. But I feel like I accomplished a lot this week.  Monday - 14 miles Tuesday - 2 mile walk and Elliptical (cross train day).  Wednesday -  Double Digit Run with Jogger  10 Miles Thursday - 5 Mile Group Run  Friday - 5 Mile Trail run.  I'm not sure about my LR this weekend. I am supposed to do 13, but the legs are starting to feel the mileage. So I plan to take tomorrow as a rest day, and wait and see how things are on Sunday.  One thing that I didn't get in this week was strength training! So I hope to correct that next week

Double Digit Jogging Stroller 10 Miles

If you've never run with a toddler, then let me fill you in a little. You have to bring a lot and I mean a lot of stuff. I had to pack the stroller (which involves taking the wheels off to get it to fit in the trunk). I needed the rain shield (just in case) we were away and it started raining. He needed several kinds of snacks. I needed water. He needed water. And I brought extra water because I knew it was going to be hot. I had to bring some diapers just in case. Once I finally got everything loaded, we drove down to the River Front.  And I'm thinking to myself, it would have been so much easier to just walk out the door and run. But I wanted to see what we could do with the jogger. He made it 7 miles on a run a few weeks ago. Surely he could make it 8 (which was the distance on my training plan today).  Once we parked, I had to assemble the stroller and pack everything in it. Once I got him situated we were off. By about mile 3, I was struggling. For real?!? He was just

Running Buddies

Running buddies... do you have one? I do. I have several in fact, and they are AWESOME. I was nervous about joining a group run. First of all, I'm one of those who often experiences 'stomach' issues while running. I mean what if it 'happened' while I was out on a group run. I still have the memory of when I didn't make it  and Hubby had to come pick me up. So the thoughts of pooping myself, along with pace (I didn't want to hold anyone back) had me apprehensive about joining in on any group runs. And honestly, I'm not sure how I even made it out to the first run. I would see the posts. I would almost comment that I was going to show up, but I would usually change my mind. But I remember being in a running slump. And I remember someone posting the Saturday run. And I finally said I was going. And you know what? I found a great running group to run with. And because of them, I've met several running buddies. I'm a better runner. I'm faster

Fitness Friday 5/24/13

Hallelujah it's Friday. It's been 'one of those' weeks for me. Lil Man at first wouldn't nap which left me feeling very frustrated with myself (if you're curious click here ). And then my ease of going to the gym has been SERIOUSLY interrupted by major screaming and protesting from Lil Man. I do believe yesterday was our worst day ever for the gym ( And The Screaming Gets Louder ) But as far as workouts go, this week has been another productive week. I'm still doing the plank challenge. So far I've been able to hold a plank for 3.5 minutes. Today the challenge is 4, but I haven't attempted the challenge yet :) I got in some nice speed work on Tuesday and some nice hills on Wednesday ( Recap ). Today was an early morning trail run. It was windy and rainy at times. I posted the run on my local running group's facebook page. Surprisingly, including myself, 7 of us showed up a little after daybreak. I got in 4 miles and some really nice hills.

Feeling the Need for Speed - Track Work 6 x 400's

The alarm was set for 4:40am, but I got up before it went off. I'm just programmed that way. I  hardly ever hear the alarm clock no matter what time it's set. It was a humid foggy morning. I hadn't decided if I'd do 400's or 800's but my running friends who joined me were doing 400's. So I decided to stick with 400's. Breathing was not easy, but I pushed through. I kept my pace below an 8 minute mile which was pretty decent for me. I wound up doing 6 x 400's. My splits were 1:59:62, 1:55:03, 1:51:38, 1:52:08, 1:58:95 and 1:55:85. I haven't wheezed that bad in a long time. And I have to say that it felt great. I've never been on a track until this year. I think I like it. That was yesterday's workout. Today involved hills, and lots of them. My legs were heavy and tired. I could definitely feel the workout from yesterday. My goal was 6 miles. I rolled out of bed today, put on my running gear and headed out the door before Lil Man work u

I Love Food!

This pretty much sums it up for me lately! And with my increased mileage, I'm starting to feel my 'skipping nutritious meals' for sugary snacks. I'm not recovering the way that I need to recover.  I am not pleased with my eating lately. And I really want to improve my running, and I want to be able to keep running the distances and/or pace that I want to run.  So it looks like back to square one with the nutrition. Maybe it's time I saw a nutritionalist. 

30lb Kid in a Jogger for 7 Miles - Fitness Friday 5/17/2013

Wow, where has this week gone? It's been a busy one for me. I actually went from running just 3 days a week to running almost every day this week. Wait? I think I did run a little every day this week! In Boot Camp Class on Tuesday we did some running drills. How could I forget? Trust me, my legs still remember (especially since we did some dead lifts too!) Thursday, I met up with a local running group and went for an evening stroll. This was Lil Man's first run with a group. Pushing a jogging stroller is much harder than it looks! Those lightening fast Running Mommas make it look so easy! Oh, you know the ones.. when you are huffing and puffing in a race and they bounce by you all smiles and cheery with an 80lb kid in the stroller while you are sucking wind. I've been there more times than I like to count. In fact, Hubby commented "You always get beat by those ladies with kids, maybe after you have one you'll be faster." Yes, this is what EVERY pregnant w

Chick By The Tractor

I just saw a Video post of the Garden Spot Village Marathon that I ran. I'm the chick by the tractor. :) But I was in 3 glimpses of the video. You can watch the video here. Half marathon training is coming along. I have an 8 miler on the books tomorrow. I guess it will be an early morning start for me! 

Sang Along With My Ipod, Smiled at People Stuck At The Redlights

At mile 5 it started to pour... I stomped through backed up drains, sang along with my ipod, smiled at people stuck at the redlights and enjoyed myself. This was my fastest solo 10 miler so far. After downloading my garmin info, I was pleased with my overall mileage. I definitely need to work on trying to get some of the mile splits closer with the pacing. And some of this had to do with where the hills are in the run. But this is a run that I'm pleased with. Split Time Moving Time Distance Avg Pace Avg Moving Pace Best Pace Summary 42:02.7 40:37.0 10 10:12 10:04 5:31 1 10:01.8 9:38 1 10:02 9:38 8:06 2 10:22.4 10:10 1 10:22 10:10 8:13 3 10:33.5 10:33 1 10:33 10:33 8:03 4 10:30.4 10:25 1 10:30 10:25 5:31 5 10:41.4 10:30 1 10:41 10:30 9:03 6

Zumba, Plank challenge, Boot camp, Running oh my! Fitness Friday 5/10/2013

Zumba, plank challenge, boot camp, running oh my! So far, it's been a good 'fitness' week this week. I tried Zumba on Monday. If you haven't read the post, it's probably worth your time to go read it. Let's just say, I'm not known for my coordination.   (I Zigged When They Zagged)    I also did a Boot Camp class on Monday. Tuesday was speed work. Wednesday was Cardio/Core. Thursday was my Push Through run. And this weekend it's my long run. It looks like the weather might not cooperate tomorrow. So I'm not sure if I'll run in the rain or wait until Sunday. Time will tell.  I have a Half approaching (much faster than I'd like to face the reality that it's so close). So there isn't any time to slack off that's for sure. Hope Fitness Friday everyone! How is your week shaping up?

Pushing Through

Today's run started off like a lot of early morning runs. The sun was just waking up. The grass was still wet from the dew. Thankfully there wasn't too much humidity today. It was a great morning for a run. The goal for today was to try to keep a low to mid 9 pace on a 6 mile run. I'm trying to get my Half time down. I've noticed that after about 5ish miles, my pace tends to get slower and slower. So, I ran with a friend this morning. In addition to being fun to run with, he is great at keeping a consistent pace. He is also great at challenging me on our runs. I was going to let him "Set the Pace". I suppose I should mention that yesterday he ran 44.5 miles. (and no that isn't a typo). So off we go. He informs me that the first mile might be really slow. It was a 10:26 pace. It felt like a good comfortable pace. Then apparently his legs woke up, worked some kinks out, or just found their groove because I felt the pace pick up. I was doing ok - still a

Starting To Feel It

I'm starting to feel it. I'm not sure how much exercise I got from my ummm very uncomfortable Zumba Experience (If you haven't had your laugh today, you can read that post here (I Zigged When They Zagged) .) ...or if my soreness is coming from Boot Camp class last night. Or if it has to do with the fact that I was on the track at 5:30am today for 8x400's. Or maybe it's a combination of all of it, but I'm starting to get sore. It's soreness in a good way. (Except my knee is being a little buggy. I don't think it's anything to be concerned with, but I'll keep a check on it). Both my big and small muscle groups are telling me that I got a full body workout. And so far so good with the moderation of sweets. Hubby is giving me my 'cookie' ration each day. Yes, as I typed that, I realized just how silly that sounds. But this is the point that I have reached. So at least I am aware that I have a problem. I'm hoping for a tempo run on

Plank Challenge

I keep seeing these challenges here and there on Facebook. I know people doing the Squat challenge. But I get too sore with too many squats and can't seem to get my weekly runs in. But today, I came across this...  Now we're talking.... My core needs some serious loving... Challenge accepted! 

Trying to Save Me From Myself

If you've been following my blog then you know that I have a sugar problem. If you are new to the blog,  "Hello and welcome, I'm Mrs. Glass and I have a sugar addiction." Lately it's becoming more apparent just how  much  of a problem with sugar that I do have. In the past, I sort of just laughed if off when people would mention the words sugar, drug and addiction in the same sentence. But I'm thinking, there really might be something to it. See, I've been eating a lot of sugar lately. And I mean like over 100 grams of sugar a day several days out of the week.  There I said. It's out there for the world to judge. According to  MyFitnessPal , I am supposed to have 30 grams a day.  So, after my binge on Friday, I decided that yesterday was the day. NO MORE. I'm done. I was doing ok until about 4:00pm. Then the cravings hit. Before the night was over, yes I rummaged through and found some some Easter Sweet tarts and ate those. When I couldn&

Please Like Me!

I've spent part of my afternoon 'googling' trying to find out how to promote myself. Who does that?!? Seriously, who takes time out of their busy life to try to find a way to promote their blog/facebook fan page? (By the way, my fan page is ) Check it out and like it pretty please. ;) I giggled like a little girl when I told my husband I got another 'like' - that makes 25 I said enthusiastically.  He looked at me like - what is wrong with you? He's probably thinking that I really shouldn't have taken all of those antihistamines yesterday. Maybe I am on a Zyrtec buzz. But yesterday was rough rough rough with the allergies. At 10pm last night, I told my husband, "Listen, I took an Allegra this morning, 2 hours later with the pharmacist's ok, I took a Zyrtec. I'm thinking it's probably frowned upon for me to take another one, but I'm in bad shape. So I'm taking another Zyrtec. If something happ

Fitness Friday Linkup 5/6/2013

When I lived in MS, my allergies were a pain. But after I moved to PA, I didn't suffer from allergies at all ... until now. (sigh). This year has been tough! After the 5K this weekend, I've been miserable. I stayed inside for Tuesday's run and hit the treadmill. Thursday, I had planned to venture out with Lil Man in the jogging stroller, but I opted for a power walk on the treadmill. Today's run was also indoors. I pushed through a 3 mile tempo run, but I feel awful. I took Allegra this morning (again), and it's just not helping. So I went and bought some Zyrtec. I took it also. I wish I could say that I felt a lot better, but honestly I don't. And, yes I know you aren't really supposed to take Allegra and Zyrtec together. I am aware they are both antihistamines. But I'm sneezing non stop and trying to find some relief. I'm hoping since the Allegra didn't work, that the Zyrtec will help. I know it can take several days before it actually r