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Saying Goodbye To My Obsession With Food

Yeah... so last week I said that If I Need To Google It, I'm Not Eating It  and that lasted about..... a day... yep... I'd say about 24 hours. Because the reality is, in my life is not all or nothing. Sure, I suppose I could pack us healthier snacks ( and that's an area I'm trying to be more consistent with ), but my reality is sometimes McDonald's happens. Hey just keeping it real. And sometimes so does a sub from a local convenience store or a slice of pizza. And then once I messed up, the all or nothing attitude reared its ugly head! And wow hello to disordered eating. I found myself just eating junk because I felt that I had already blown it for the day. Soooooooo... what now?

Find Your Trainer

Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Find Your Trainer. All opinions are entirely my own. This post also contains affiliate links.  Do you have goals? Have you ever wanted to try something, but you weren't sure how to start? Do you need help making sure that your form is correct? Do you need the accountability to stick with a program? Would you like having access to someone who can answer your questions concerning your workout routine and exercises? Image source I have answered yes to several of these questions, and that is why I have worked with a personal trainer in the past. For me, it had a lot to do with form - especially concerning strength training. I didn't want to injury myself, but I also wanted to make sure that I didn't pick up bad habits when it came to lifting. Honestly, I could probably use a refresher course! But working with a personal trainer has been one of the best things that I could have done for myself. Because of p

If I Need To Google It I'm Not Eating It

Well, I'm having some medical issues. I'm waiting to find out about the nodule on my thyroid, but I'm experiencing  a lot of joint pain and swelling. And I mean a lot. Some of the knuckles on my fingers have been 5 times the normal size. They are hot to touch, and I'm unable to bend them. I don't know what's going on with me, but I suspect it has a lot to do with what I'm putting in my body. I decided that's probably where I should really start anyway. Yep, I've added the sugar back, and I've noticed the joint pain is worse after I eat sugar. It's also worse after I eat processed food ( which still could be sugar or a combo of several things ). That being said, I've never truly cut out all processed foods ( or food where I can't pronounce the words ). Basically if I have to google it, I'm not eating it for the next two weeks. Honestly, I'm still pretty unsure about this decision as I type this. I've never done this b

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

The flu knocked me off of my feet literally . Hubby helped me with what he could around the house and with Lil Man. But I could feel the pressure of things piling up. My to-do list was becoming longer and longer as Lil Man and I were on the couch with fevers. Now that we are fever free and getting back into routine life, I woke up this morning feeling the oppressing feeling of being overwhelmed. So many things need to get done, and there is only so much of me to do it you know? We are still a little too germy for Church. Although we are fever free, Lil Man still has a lot of congestion and is taking tamiflu. I don't want to spread germs, or have him come in contact with more germs. So we are home today. And as I started my day I could feel the anxiety rearing it's ugly head. So what did I do?

We Have The Flu

Just wanted to give you a quick update. I've been MIA this week because we have the flu. I've been sick since Sunday. I had no idea that chills and body aches could hurt so bad. I am a grown woman who was brought to tears by the pain.  So to watch my Lil Man cry that everything hurts is extremely hard! And of course I feel so helpless because I can't make the pain go away. Lots of snuggles and pushing the liquids is what's on the agenda today. 

The Perfect Night In With Tyson Foods and Redbox

Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own. My family is definitely on the go. In the summer, it's amusement parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, hiking and playing outdoors. The winter usually brings snow ( and lots of fun ), along with school and sports activities, hiking and whatever else we can find to do during the cold months. And although I do enjoy the occasional evening out, it's our movie nights ( or even days) at home that makes my heart swell with memories. To me, there is just something about gathering together to enjoy time with each other which usually includes yummy food and a movie or two. It's the simple things in life. With the help of Tyson® foods and Redbox®, life just got easier. From 2/6/17 to 4/15/17, if you purchase any two eligible Jimmy Dean®, State Fair®, or  Tyson products in a single transaction at a Walmart Supercenter or Walmart Neighborhood Market, and visit

#WillRun4IceCream Weekly Video Recap

Yeah, I know it's not quite Friday... but... it's close enough :) So here is my weekly recap.

Be Careful What You Think And Speak

I thought about doing a Wordless Wednesday post, but then I was was like.. yeah.. who am I kidding. I'm more of a Wednesday With Words kind of girl :) I don't know about you, but I have had several friends who have taken a break from facebook and/or other social media. Admittedly, I've backed off also. Although I am finding that I am back online more than in the last couple of weeks, I still have to work on keeping my thoughts where they need to be. My bible study class is reading The 4:8 Principle   ( FYI, this post contains affiliate links, this is one of them in addition to the other links and/or images in this pos t ) I'm only on Chapter 2, but so far I'm really loving the concept. The cliff notes version of what I've read so far is you have a choice when it comes to what you allow yourself to think about.

Amazing Affordable Clean Bottle That Won't Roll Away

I have received a free bottle in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are mine and honest in nature. As you know, I do occasional product reviews when opportunities arise that interest me. Well, when I heard about the Square Clean Bottle , I was intrigued. And I wanted to give it a try. I'm so glad that I did. I know you are thinking, what's so special about a water bottle? Well, first of all this one is square - which I wasn't really sure about. I mean - who has a square water bottle? And I have to say I loved that it was square. It fit great in my cup holders in my car. It was easy to hold, and well, it didn't roll. Between my son and my dogs constantly running through the house things are always getting knocked over and round bottles roll! This one doesn't roll. And apparently I wasn't the only one intrigued by the shape. I had several and I mean several people ask me about it at the gym and various places. Another feature is th

A Week Of Experiments Brings Answers

This week brought a  lot of testing, and thankfully some answers. This past weekend I ran ( although I wasn't cleared to do so ). The first day I ran on the treadmill, and that was okish. Then on Saturday, it was snowing and I couldn't resist a snowy run! So I got in 2 miles pain free. A photo posted by Fitness * Running * Health (@willrun4icecream) on Jan 28, 2017 at 5:57am PST However, by the end of the day, I was in pain. Like, uh oh what have I done pain.

Why I Practice Yoga

When I asked my five year old ( aka Lil Man ) what my workout of the week should be for my blog post, he said "How bout them yoga poses you've done all those days."  He's been my photographer for the last month with the #newyearmoreyoga challenge where I did a different yoga pose each day. So I decided to take his lead and make yoga this week's workout of the week. Why do yoga? This takes me back to one of my previous posts of Yoga It Really Does Make A Difference . When I do yoga regularly, I can honestly see and feel the difference in how my joints and muscles feel. And when I stop doing yoga regularly,