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I'm back...

Welcome back to "Will Run For Ice Cream"! 🍦🏃‍♀️ As I lace up my running shoes and hit the road (more like treadmill these days) once more.  Where have I been? Between going back to college at 48 to get a 2nd bachelor's degree, getting a full time teaching job, being a mom and a wife, working out took a back seat. Ok, more like it because extremely non-existent.  I'm happy to report that I earned my Bachelor's degree from Mississippi State University in Elementary Education. I was hired in 2022 mid-way through the year as a half day kindergarten teacher. In 2023, I was moved to 3rd grade as a full time teacher. Both of those positions were 'over flow' or extra teachers for the year. I'm happy to report that this year, I am a 4th grade teacher. I absolutely love it. I am hoping that this is my forever home at least for awhile!  Oh, and I am now in Grad school. 😊 During all of this, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She died 6 months after her diagnosi