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Why You Should Capture The Moment

School is finally over, and on a whim I decided to take Lil Man to the beach. At first I was only going to do a day trip. ( We are about 4 hours from the beach ). But then I found a decent priced hotel, and Hubby and I decided we should stay a night or two. Then the weather drastically changed. Our sunny forecast turned into flood watches and warnings... for real! I called the hotel and I think they thought I wanted to cancel. Instead, I added an additional night. Say what?!? Yep, I decided our travel day ( which was to be our day on the beach ) would be our rainy shopping day. And by adding another day that gave us one possibly 2 more beach days. The forecast was sketchy for the additional day that I added. We arrived. It was cold. It was rainy, and we were loving every minute of it. The following day was our sunny beach day. In fact, both days turned out to be awesome beach days. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable trip ( although we really did m