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When Did Food Become My Enemy?

When did food become my enemy? When did it become all or nothing? I'm over my calories so I might as well eat the entire cake instead of just a piece. When did it become about calories and grams and percentages? When did an app and a number dictate my life? When did I start looking at an apple and see 45-60 calories, a glass of milk 150 for whole, 90 for skim. I know these numbers in my head. I no longer see food - instead I see a calorie count. When was the last time that I ate without guilt, the last time that I sat down for a cheeseburger and fries and didn't think "I'll do better tomorrow"? When did a number start deciding my mood? When did I start setting a calorie goal for each day that I needed to keep? And then feeling like a failure if I didn't reach that goal? When was the last time that I just simply ate without over-analyzing what I was eating?

Preparing For Race Day

Let me say, personally, preparing for each race is different for me. I don't think I've ever prepared for 2 races in the exact same way. Some races I run for fun ( meaning no timed goal, no goal other than just to enjoy running a race with others) Some races I run for time (I have a time in my head that I want to beat, and I want to beat it bad) . Some races I run for the distance (I just want to complete the course. Please just let me finish). Some races I want it all (The distance, the time, the entire race has a goal of some kind) So, of course depending on how I approach the race determines my race day preparation (and the week of) .

Yoga - It Really Does Make A Difference

Not me ;)  Soooooo.. for awhile I had been pretty faithful to do yoga at least once a week. I've really been enjoying the Hot Yoga class at The Yoga Quota (no affiliation, simply just giving her a shout out as I really like the class ) But as life would have it, life got in the way.  First we went on our long trip to get Miles , then Lil Man's birthday, family visiting and the list goes on an one. So, I've missed about 3 weeks of yoga. And my body is paying the price. For a week now I've been dealing with a nagging IT/quad something that's yelling at me. My hips and lower back are super tight. And don't even get me started on my hamstrings and calves. I'm sure my upper body is equally unhappy that I've missed yoga.

When You Lack Confidence

Confidence - it's something that's never come easy for me. As I find myself approaching 43 ( in a few days ) I realize this is something that I struggle with - not only with body image, but in many areas of my life. And when someone doesn't believe in me, well it makes it even harder to believe in myself.  But you know what, I've said it before, and I'll say it again until it is so inside my brain that I can't forget. I am enough .  I'll say that again. I AM ENOUGH . 

Rechargeable Knuckle Lights

I LOVE my Knuckle Lights. Ever since ( oh I can't even remember how long it's been ) I've been running in the dark, knuckle lights have been a life saver for me. My one complaint was the battery life ( or lack thereof ). I wound up taking the batteries out after each use so that it wouldn't run them down. But other than that, they've been great for me. I was super thrilled to hear that they are making an updated model - rechargeable, magnetic and they are also waterproof. Source / Preorder by backing the kickstarter program. You can find that info here.    (FYI, there is also an informational video to give you more information) Also, email and mention Will Run 4 Ice Cream , and they will also send you a t-shirt in addition to your knuckle lights.

Trails, Dogs And Falls

So, as you know, we got Miles, our little puppy ( Ya'll Meet Miles ) a couple of weeks ago. We are in full blown house training (can we say pee and poop!). But he also requires a lot of exercise (which we knew), and I took him out on the trail for the first time last Friday. At first he was hesitant, but when we turned to come back the way we came, he turned on his jets. As in, he was running way faster that I am used to on the trail.

The Scale, Body Fat, and Measurements

The biggest loser, get fit challenge ended. I definitely fell out of 3rd place. But since then I've struggled to maintain my weight loss. In fact, I quickly reverted back to old habits - STRESS eating. I have got to change that behavior - and fast! But as I felt myself slipping back to a higher weight, I did something that I have never done before, I joined a challenge. This is my first time, and I'm still not 100% sure how it works.

Free Strength Training Workout Plans

You can simply do a google search and find a ton of free workouts. But I came across a site (Iphone app Bodyspace) where there is a collection of FREE workout plans - not just workouts but PLANS . Like do this on day one; this on day two etc. One of my favorites is the Jamie Eason Live Fit . There are instructional videos along with the plan. I'm currently using Jim Stoppani 12-week shortcut to siz e just to mix it up a bit. I'm not even sure how I cameacross this site - but it has been very beneficial and I thought I'd share the info with you. There are tons of plans to choose from depending on your goals. Happy lifting :) If you like my blog, or this post, PLEASE take a moment to share it with friends.  Share this on Facebook? Tweet Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the affiliate link.

Humdinger Trail Race Recap

Since I've been dealing with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome ( Injured Again ), I've only been able to run flat shorter runs. So I was pretty nervous going into the Humdinger. I knew that I was really under-trained for this race. At mile 5 when my calves started cramping, I was feeling that my longest run had been 3 very flat miles.

The Scale Is Just A Number

Oh... don't think this is over...  So, if you've been around, then you know I've been doing the biggest loser / get fit challenge at the local gym. (This Journey Called Weight Loss) And this week is the final weigh in...I still have 2 more days to weigh in, but I have the humdinger trail race this weekend and I think it's time that I shifted my focus.