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So I'm sick - waah, waah, waah. I felt it coming on Friday night and tried to tell myself that I was just tired. I wasn't sick. Saturday morning rolled around and I couldn't deny it. I still got my 8 mile run in - whether that was smart or not - who knows? But mentally I felt better. Today was another 8 mile run but I chose to rest. I was going to make today a total rest day, but I ate cheese french fries for lunch. So I got on the dreadmill while Lil Man napped. I ran a pace run for 4 miles. It felt pretty good. I can tell that I need to stretch as my left calf was sore. I'll try to work stretching and some easy yoga moves into my afternoon plans. 5 more days after today and then it is race day.

New Perspective

When I registered (and really until today), I was viewing VA Beach as all about the race. Everything else about the weekend was 'extra', and the weekend was revolving around the race. Today a little light bulb went off. Why am I viewing it this way? I have things backward. VA Beach is a short vacation with my family. The race is extra. So I'm not going to stress over corral placement or start times or finish times or portapotty breaks. I've heard this is a fun run and I want it to be just that ... FUN. I had leg cramps last night so I wore my compression socks for awhile. I think I may like these.

Voice of Reason

I'm looking for the voice of reason. You know the voice that tells you that you've put in the hard work, that it's going to all be ok, and basically you just need to chill. See, I'm running the VA Beach Half Marathon  next weekend. And there are a lot of variables going into this trip/race. It's Lil Man's first big trip. This will be the longest he's been in the car and the longest away from home. This is my first race away from home. I have stomach  issues when running anyway. Combine that with my stomach being 'off' from traveling, plus eating different food, plus running.. yeah.. I'm pretty nervous that my runner's trots will keep me in the portapotty more than on the course. OH, and we got our confirmation information about water stops/fuel but NO information about portapottys. I have NO idea what mile they are or how many. I'm nervous about packing. Once again, this is the longest Lil Man will be away from home. And I'm ner


This is my drop back week... talk about perspective. I remember when I started running longer distances how 10 or even 8 miles seemed like a really really long way.  Now my 11.5 miler tomorrow doesn't seem so daunting. It was supposed to be 13, but my running buddy and I decided to pick up the pace on the last half of the long run. Since her plan calls for 11, and we are picking up the pace, I decided to drop mine back to 11.5. We plan to run the first half of the run as normal, slower easy pace. Make our midway pit stop (bathroom and refill any necessary water bottles). Then on the last half of the run (the goal) is to pick up the pace. I have plans for a spa day after this long run. So I am super excited for tomorrow.  

Compression Socks

Feeling pretty good after my 18 miler. Ran 3 miles yesterday. Sportin' my new compression socks

First 18 Miler

Woo Hoo... I just completed my first 18 miler today.  Thats right, that's a 1 and an 8 side by side. Wow, I honestly can say I never really saw myself making that statement. See, I was one of those people who would never  consider a marathon, or even a half to be honest. I didn't consider myself a distance runner.  And even though I just completed an 18 mile run, I still have a hard time ( at this point ) labeling myself as a distance runner. But today, we were pressed for time. We had to finish at a certain time so I could go get Lil Man from my Hubby. I text my running buddy and asked her if she could meet me at 5 instead of 5:15. She agreed. Let me set the scene... it was dark... it was misting rain... well there you go. The first hour was pretty much done in darkness. It was misting rain (for the most part) the entire run, with bouts of heavier sprinkles to light rain.  Down by the river it was the usually buggy run. My running buddy and I both took a gnat to the eye. Bet

7 Miler

I had intended on getting up at 5.... but..... after a restless night (due to Hubby's snoring), I pushed the alarm back to 5:20. I knew I was going to be pushing it time wise. This was supposed to be an 'easy' 7 miler. As I started running, I knew that I was going to have to push the pace to get back on time so Hubby could leave for work. So much for an 'easy' run. I started out in the mid 10:00s, and had a couple of miles around 10:30, but realized I was going to have to push it harder than that if I was going to make it back home on time. Increased paced combined with eating the wrong foods, at around mile 5 (just two miles short of completing this run), I knew I needed a bathroom. I debated about skipping it and just trying to finish out the two miles. Then my brain kicked in and said 'really, it would be wise to stop'. Thankfully a Sheetz was my salvation as I tried to casually walk to the bathroom. You know that walk that you are trying to act all '

Recap of Last 10 Miler

We had family in over the weekend, and I'm just not getting a chance to catch up. Friday I ran a 10 miler (solo). Lately I've been running my long runs with my running buddy, but she was running 16 on Saturday. I wanted to get in a 12 mile run and my scheduled worked out best to run on Friday. As you can guess, I only ran 10 instead of 12, but  it was a good solid 10 and I was pleased with it. I had stomach issues (since I had eat the wrong foods prior to the run). So I wasn't surprised to find myself in need of relief around 4-5 miles into the run. But ovberall it was a decent solid run. I had planned to run the following day, but instead went on a 6 mile hike with my sister-in-law on the Appalachian Trail. It was a nice workout. Then the following day, we had other plans so I still wasn't able to run. I did however get a 3 mile run in today on the treadmill. This week is my first 18 miler ( gulp ) . So I am definitely hoping for a good running week. The Half is fast a