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I'm Ready To Race Again

Well y'all - I'm ready to race again. Physically I am not 100% yet. But mentally I'm ready to race. I guess it was around my last marathon training that things started falling apart in regards to racing. I reached a point that I hated every aspect of training, I lost my love for running, I was dealing with very low self-esteem because of my the lack of the ability to hit my goal paces on the training plan. And honestly it's taken me a very long time to get over that dark period in my life. ( I Gave Up During My 2nd Marathon ) But out of that, I found my love for trail running. I said I that would never ever ever ever ever ever run on a trail. Well I proved that statement wrong. ( I Ran, I Walked. I feel. I bled )  I love trail running and still plan to make it a part of my life. I'm not sure about trail races this year because I truly want trail running to be a fun sport for me. I tend to put too much pressure on myself when it comes to racing. So at this tim

Why I Stretch And Foam Roll

So if you've been anywhere near me or this blog then you know that I have been dealing with a hip injury. And my first so-called event back into running was the Hershey10k . Since then I have been working on improving my fitness and building some base miles. But I wanted to share with you what I feel was the turning point for me with this injury. Drum roll please...

Hershey 10K Race Recap

Where to begin.... this was a race that I had decided that I was not going to run. I have been injured for months. I have not been running. My longest run was 2 miles, and it was weeks ago. So I had decided that I was not going to run this race. The very day that I made that decision I got an email from Zensah ( save 20% with this affiliate link ) about doing an Instagram stories take over. Well I definitely did not want to pass up that opportunity. Of course I was given the option to take a later date, but I didn't have any other races on the calendar at this point. So I decided to see what happened

Let The Spring Cleaning Begin

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lysol®, Finish®, Woolite®, and Air Wick®. The opinions and text are all mine. Ahhhh.... spring cleaning... I have to say that I enjoy it every year. We heat our house with a coal/wood stove, and the dust, dirt and grim are unspeakable. Of course, I clean all year long, but to me spring cleaning breathes new life into my house. I usually start my spring cleaning by dusting everything. I admit, dusting is my least favorite cleaning chore. I don't know why I loathe it so much, but for some reason I do. Once dusting is completed, I move on to the other chores such as vacuuming and mopping as I normally do during a traditional clean. But with spring cleaning, I like to clean a little deeper. To help me in this cleaning process I use Lysol, Air Wick, Woolite and Finish products. Lysol is my go-to product for all of my disinfecting needs. Seriously, I may run out of paper towels from time to time, but my household never

Inside The Injured Runner's Mind 2 Days Before Race Day

Twas two days before race day, And all through the house, The injured runner's mind Was scurrying around like a mouse. Is this a good idea? Should she even try? What if she can't finish? What if pain makes her cry?

When Injuries Get You Down

I love writing. I do. But for me to share ( aka write ) it means that my cup has to... well have something in it to share. And lately I've felt like I've hit some empty spots. You know? It's hard to share when you don't feel like you have anything to share. Does that make sense? So I took a little time to regroup. ( And pout, get angry and lash out here and there .) And I realized that injuries can teach you a lot about yourselves and others ( I'll get to that part in a minute ). So here is what this current ongoing injury has taught me.