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FINALLY A Successful Wednesday Run

I did it! Finally! This was my 3rd attempt at these horrid (sorry trainer) Wednesday runs. The plan was a gradual build up, run the middle mile at a certain specified pace, then gradual back off. The first time, I hit the middle mile, but had to run/walk the rest of the distance.  The second time I hit the middle mile, but walked afterward and finally just called the run (was sick and didn't know it).  But today... today, I hit my middle mile, and I was able to continue running for the rest of the distance. I was super happy. And I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself for completing this run today! I think the smile kindof shows that :) 

Have I Lost It - My Sanity That Is

So, as I'm in the midst of training for this Half Marathon, I received this week's training plan. I'm basically re-doing last week since I got sick. I honestly will be glad to get past Wednesday's run. It's the hardest for me. I have to run 6 miles with the middle mile at an 8:10 pace. The middle mile is tough, but it's the build up and back down that's super hard for me. In fact, I've yet to be able to 'do it'. Let's see what happens this week! And my racing schedule is filling in for this year. September is going to be a busy month. I'm planning on doing back-to-back Half Marathons again ( 2 Half Marathons In 1 Weekend ). And at the end of the month, I am going with my running buddy to run a 5K, then 10K race, drive on to Pittsburgh to run a 10K the following day. It should be a blast. But depending on how I feel after the Double Creek Half, and if I stay injury free, I'm considering ( drum roll please ), running the Harrisburg

Running With The Stomach Flu - Training Continues

Yes, it's getting closer... my next Half Marathon. I'm doing the Double Creek   half in June. And training has been going ok until I got the stomach bug. Yep, this Wednesday, Lil Man and I went to the gym. I was supposed to do a 6 mile run with a gradual build up/back off on pace with the middle mile of an 8:10 pace. I knew that I didn't feel so great even at 1.5 miles in, but I kept going. I got to the middle mile, and I was struggling. I wanted to stop. I came so close to just pushing 'pause' but I kept going. (And I wasn't thrilled to be on the TM. Hubby had been out of town (going on 2 weeks). And I was way past being over the TM). Anyway, as soon as the middle mile was over, I walked. I knew that I needed to keep running at a slower pace. But honestly, walking felt like a huge struggle. So I walked a quarter mile, then tried to run. I don't think I made it 2 minutes until I was walking again. Finally at 4.6 miles I called it, and just got off the tre

My First Time Placing In An Overall Category

For those of you who have been holding your breath in anticipation of my latest race reports, I apologize for my delay. Life has truly just kicked it into high gear, and I've had to let things sort of slip. But you can take a breath now, here is what happened. :) Capital 10 Miler - I could sum this up with "huge downpours, cold temps, harsh wind, flooded paths, sleet pelting face stinging" 10 Miles of insanity. And one of the hardest medals that I have fought for to receive. I went into this race knowing that my goal pace of a 9 minute mile probably wasn't going to happen. In fact, I ran the race naked. Yep. I didn't even turn on the garmin. I stopped at the port-a-potty once. My shoe came untied twice. I hopped over puddles - then gave up and ran through them. I was soaked. I was cold. And when I hit the bridges going over the river, and the sleet started pelting my face, I just wanted to be done. As in D O N E .... done. So I picked up the pace on the bridg