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5 Mile Run in Running Class

The goal for the day was 5 miles this morning. Sluggish doesn't even begin to describe the morning. I had a hard time staying awake on the drive to get to the River Front. I was so glad that I was meeting up with some other runners - otherwise I think today might would have been more of a walk than a run. One issue with early morning runs is time constraints. We all have to make it back by a certain time to make it home on time. When we made it back to the studio, I was at 4.6 so I ran a couple of blocks to get my 5 miles in. Actually I went a little farther because on one loop my garmin hadn't been started back. Good mile splits this morning. The last mile was slower, but partly because of crossing streets and having to stop/start - Mile 1 ~ 11:26, Mile 2 ~ 11:24, Mile 3 ~ 10:28, Mile 4 ~ 10:05, Mile 5 ~ 10:59 Today was my fastest pace for a longer distance. I was glad I had someone with me to help push me. I am really glad that I signed up for this running class. - Posted us

DUI Victims Memorial 10K

I wasn’t feeling this at all - not mentally or physically. In fact, I almost didn’t go. It wasn’t nerves keeping me from wanting to go. I really just wasn’t ‘into’ it today. But, I had paid the money and I had been looking forward to this challenge, so I went. This was by far not my best run, but in all fairness to myself, I did it. This was my farthest run yet since having the baby and getting back into exercise. I walked a little more of it than I had wanted to, but I still ran at least 95% of the race. Because I was so much slower this year, after mile 4, I was alone. As in TOTALLY ALONE - I couldn’t even see anyone ahead of me. It was at this point I let myself slip a little and walk some. And even though I did walk some of this, I know I could I have walked more, but I forced myself to start running again. I ran until my legs felt like lead, then walked a little more, and repeated this a time or two. Then I ran the last stretch to the finish line. I had a nice push at the end - b

10K on Saturday

So I'm registered for the 10K this weekend. The farthest that I have run/walked has been 4.1 miles since I have started back running. This will be the first time that I have done a race without doing the distance first. My goal - first is just to finish - second I would like to run the majority of it - third I would like to come in under 1:15:00. Regardless it will be a challenge, but one that I am excited about completing . - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

First 4 Mile Run Post Pregnancy

Well I did it. It wasn't pretty, and it was tough. But finally I ran farther than 3 miles today. I must say I am a little concerned about the 10K next weekend. Between my breathing, my achy knees and stomach issues, just walking two miles to finish would have been a major challenge today - mainly due to my stomach. Since getting back into running after the pregnancy, my stomach has hated running even more than before the pregnancy. And it was pretty bad before. But I set a goal for today to run 4 miles, and I did it. Yep I'm smiling - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Running Class

So glad I joined the running class! It has been great to get out and go run with other runners. I enjoy pushing myself. I try to push myself when I run alone, but I have to admit it is so much easier when I have others around. Tomorrow's run will be a challenge though. I would like to run 4 miles which I have yet to do. I may be too sore after the agility work today. I will decide in the morning before my run if I will attempt four. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Colon Cancer 5K

Well, I did it. I completed my first 5K after not being able to exercise for almost a year. I didn't break any records. Well I guess I did. I set my first record as a mom (ha). This was only the second time since I was released to exercise that I ran 3 miles. My other runs have been run/walks of 2-2.5 miles. Of course I wish I could have done this 5K faster, but regardless of the time, I did it. I kept telling myself that my son and husband were there waiting on me. It was the motivation that I needed to keep moving and not walk. After coming up the slight incline, I walked about 5 steps because of leg cramps but forced myself to go on. I didn't break the 30 minute mark. I came in at 31:21, but the way I look at it.. that's a very good place to start.