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Rechargeable Knuckle Lights

Full Disclosure: I received a free pair of knuckle lights free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. BUT I also purchased another pair during the kickstarter campaign. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience. It's that time of the year where the sun rises a little later in the day. Which for me means that I often run in the dark or at least start my run in the dark. Did I mention that I'm scared to run in the dark!! ha. But, if I want to run before Hubby goes to work, that often means, yep, running in the dark. I've been using ( affiliate link )   Knuckle Lights for years. My one big complaint was the battery life (or lack thereof) In fact, I took my batteries out after each run to try to conserve the battery life. It wasn't a big deal to have to put them in every time before a run. But that did require me to remember to grab the batteries with the lights, in addition to just taking the time to do it. So when I heard that ( affilia

I've Missed it

I've missed it - writing - but it's been a busy week with Lil Man starting school next week ( Twas The Week Before School ). So I've been a little preoccupied. But I've also missed the trail and believe it or not speed work . I love speed work. I know right?!? Well, let's say I like 400's. When it gets more than that I tend to not enjoy it. ha. But I love 400's. And this week I joined a friend at the gym (because she is following a program, needed speed work and is faster than me - we decided to meet at the gym and use the treadmills that way we could 'run' together but run at the paces that we needed ). I didn't have a real goal in mind other than try to beat my 12 minute miles that I've been pulling lately. So I started off with 9 something... and kept getting faster. Before it was said and done, I did 7 400's with half of them mid to lower 8's. I was one happy lady. It felt great to feel some speed again - even for just a sh

#TuesdayTidbit - Compression Gear

I do not have a medical degree, and I don't claim to have medical knowledge. I'm speaking from my personal experience only. I honestly don't remember when it was... I think it was maybe marathon training? Or when I was running half marathons and longer distances? But I began to suffer with calf cramps. I mean severe calf cramps. I had friends suggest that I try calf sleeves. I ignored their advice for a couple of weeks, and then I tried a pair.

When Pictures Don't Lie

I told you previously that I was struggling with some things ( I Have A Confession To Make About My Weight)  so when I saw the race pic from the Rothrock 10K (Recap of the race here ) - I really shouldn't have been surprised to see the harsh reality. But the reality was a little too real if you know what I mean. And it also explains why running and working out is so much harder for me lately ( the added weight gain ). So, I decided I had to do something. I felt desperate and I decided that I had to diet. No, I mean I have to cut calories or something. I have to do something. I have to see results and fast . So, I logged into my old trusty MyFitnessPal. (Now, let me say. Tracking works for thousands of people I'm sure ( if not more ). I do believe the calories in / calories out can work. So if this method works for you, by all means keep on keeping on. I think the reality is that everyone has to find what works for them. And we are all uniquely different.) Day 1 went so

Rothrock 10K Trail Race Recap

Let me say, that because of my recent setbacks   since early June, my training hasn't been as consistent as I would like it to be. So I knew going into the Rothrock 10K that it would be a challenge. And I knew there was a big climb in the beginning. What I didn't expect was it to be SOOOOOOO painful. Yes, I don't remember being in that much pain (maybe in one of my marathons when I cramped up ) But during the climb my achilles and calves were hurting so bad I was near tears. I would make it 15-20 steps or so, and I would have to step over to the side and take a breather and try to stretch. And then continue again for another 15-20 steps before I would have to stop again. Had this been a road race, and a way 'out', I'm pretty sure that at this point I would have taken it. Yes, for me personally, it was that tough, and I was in that much pain. But here I was. halfway up this mountain,

The Skirt Sports Lioness And Me

FYI - all links in the body of this post are affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the affiliate link. By now you should know my love of the Jette , but it's not the only Skirt Sports skirt that I have a major crush on. The Lioness is another one of my faves. (The basic stats are Skirt length (med): 12″ front, 13″ back with built-in shorties: 4″ inseam). It also has a pocket on each leg AND a zippered pocket on the back. I love

#TuesdayTidbit - Schedule Your Workouts

When life is super hectic, I have found that scheduling my workouts actually helps keep me more accountable to staying with a fitness routine. I also found that when I put my workouts into the calendar I can see what other obligations that I have that week. It helps me rearrange certain things that need to be rearranged so that I can get the majority of the things done that week. The reality is no not every workout that I have planned actually happens. Kids get sick. I get sick. My husband's schedule changes at work. Other obligations and complications happen. So the reality is no not every workout that I intend to do actually happens. However, I have found that if I schedule my workouts - basically an appointment with myself - that I am more likely to keep the appointment. It basically really helps me just to try to plan my week as best as I can. So today's #TuesdayTidbit is

Forward Is A Pace

Forward is a pace. No, really, forward is a pace. I sometimes have to remind myself of that little phrase. Yes, there was a time that I pulled paces in the 8's and 9's were easy. Lately, 12 minute miles are sometimes a struggle. I felt like I was flying, glanced at my garmin, and I was hovering around an 11 minute mile. At first I felt myself starting to get discouraged, but I immediately stopped that negativity. Regardless of the pace or the distance, I was moving forward. And the important thing was that I was MOVING . With Hubby's work schedule, and Lil Man