I've Missed it

I've missed it - writing - but it's been a busy week with Lil Man starting school next week (Twas The Week Before School). So I've been a little preoccupied.

But I've also missed the trail and believe it or not speed work. I love speed work. I know right?!? Well, let's say I like 400's. When it gets more than that I tend to not enjoy it. ha. But I love 400's. And this week I joined a friend at the gym (because she is following a program, needed speed work and is faster than me - we decided to meet at the gym and use the treadmills that way we could 'run' together but run at the paces that we needed).

I didn't have a real goal in mind other than try to beat my 12 minute miles that I've been pulling lately. So I started off with 9 something... and kept getting faster.

Before it was said and done, I did 7 400's with half of them mid to lower 8's. I was one happy lady. It felt great to feel some speed again - even for just a short distance.

But this week has been draining
physically and emotionally - and getting up super early hasn't happened. But I just couldn't stomach running 4 miles on the road ... so I took it to the trail knowing that I only had time to get in a couple of miles.

But it was worth it.

And I made myself run up the big hill without stopping. That felt awesome.

Came home, hopped on the treadmill (Where Miles jumped on - scared him and me! Hopefully he won't try that again!) And I got in 2 miles at 9:23 overall pace.

I did have to stop a couple of times for Lil Man and Miles (which allowed me to catch my breath), but I was still pleased with my run. It wasn't easy, but it's better than last week. I don't just mean pace wise. I mean overall in how I feel while I'm running.

I'm working on my nutrition (more to come on that)... but I don't want to really reveal exactly what I'm doing (yes it partially involves intuitive eating) until I give it some time to see if it's working for me. Stay tuned, I'll let ya know.

But it feels good... to be back to writing... to running... to trails.. to speed work... to cross training.. and some nice cool mornings!

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