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Mommas Don’t Feel Guilty

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Do not feel guilty for taking time for you. There have been plenty of times that I skipped my early morning workout. I just didn’t feel like doing it before work. After work, I was too emotionally and physically tired. Recently, I got up, made lunches for the family and told Hubby and Lil Man that I needed 30 minutes. And I felt guilty!

4am Alarms

4am alarms are never easy. Getting up at 4am and not ‘feeling’ the workout is even worse. The struggle is real! At times too real. And I have experienced this often. My unprofessional advice?

Remember the Why

If it was easy everyone would do it. Isn’t that the saying that we hear often? Cliff notes version - sometimes things get hard! Sometimes we want to give up, but I have to remind myself to remember the why. Why did I decide to do this? Why should I finish what I’ve started? Sometimes I’ve found that my why changes. But there IS STILL A WHY!

When The Planner In You Must Be Flexible

In case you haven’t figured this out by now, I’m a planner. I know - shocker right?!? :) So although I love substitute teaching, it’s making the planner in me anxious. And it’s been reeking havoc on my workouts. Basically the morning of or maybe the night before, I find out if I’m working. So my day ( that I thought I had planned ) can be turned upside down in an instant. But, truthfully, isn’t that really the same with everyone?