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I Can Do This Right?

Well, this was my first run outside since I've been sick. I can't say that it was easy. Ok, there wasn't really much about this easy for me today. My breathing was horrible. It felt like I was just breathing 'off the top' if that makes sense. My running buddy told me to blow out hard and then breathe in. It worked. I was finally able to get in a deep breath. We ran a few miles of flat then added in some hills. My knee tolerated it ok. I didn't have any 'pain', but just a few tweaks and twinges. I'm planning on (trying) to stretch this evening. The moment I got back from the run, I've been on go go go mode. So I haven't really had time to really stretch it the way that it needs to be stretched. I've been really stressed lately with training (or lack of) with being sick, my knee feeling off etc. But I'm trying to be positive and tell myself that it's ok. I have one 18 miler under my belt this go around. I will probably get in a

Marathon Training Plan Bit The Dust

Waahhh... wahhhhh.... that's all I've been doing this week it feels like. I'm sick (STILL!). Either this is a cold that is just lingers or my family keeps passing it back and forth to each other. Regardless, my training plan has bit the dust this week. I got in one (Yes, I will pause a moment for you to gasp), just one run this week. I will not freak out. I will not freak out. I will not freak out. There is still time to recover and get back to the plan. There is still time to recover and get back to the plan. There is still time to recover and get back to the plan. I will not freak out. I will not freak out. Ok... so you see where my mind keeps going! But I think I made the best decision by blowing off the rest of this week and just resting. Pushing through a run when I was so exhausted probably wouldn't have been beneficial. I spent the majority of yesterday on the couch. Hubby graciously took Lil Man out for the day, and I had a day of rest. I'm resting aga

Just Hit Me Today

So, I was just sitting there with Lil Man on the couch,  +Sesame Street  playing in the background, when I realized that I am truly just a handful of long runs away from the marathon. I'm currently nursing a sore knee, and haven't run so far this week. I'm trying to keep my nerves in check and not think about it too much or I will probably freak out. I am hoping I can get my run in tomorrow. I'm just not sure how much I should push it? Should I run through slight discomfort or total rest? I won't run through pain, but what if it's just a little tightness? I guess I will decide tomorrow. But training for a marathon is a HUGE commitment. It's kindof like a marriage. You get out of it what you put into it. My Hubby has been very supportive with me on this journey (especially since he went through training with me once already, to go through injury, to go through training again). I really probably should be nicer to him huh? But the race is getting closer. I

18 Miles of Hills, Wind, and Cold

Wow, really, all I can say is wow. That was one of the hardest runs I've ever done. First it was cold. When we first started the pain in my fingers (from the cold) was so bad. It was beyond painful. But FINALLY with hand warmers and 2 pairs of gloves they warmed up. It was windy and as the run continued it got windier. And it was hilly. When my running partner mentioned hills, I didn't have any idea what kinds of hills he was talking about. Um,  yeah, when he said hills, he meant hills. We had to stop several times for me to try to stretch my right leg/knee. I'm so glad I didn't do this run alone. First of all, with the cold and the wind, I probably would have cut it short. I know I wouldn't have pushed through like I did. So I'm so pleased with myself that I was able to do this. I'm feeling the pain from it now. I'm thinking it might be an ITband issue. After the run, walking was painful.I iced immediately ,but every time I stood to walk it

Well That Was A First

Well that was a first... I got up at 4am today to meet my Running Partner at 5:30am. I knew that we got a little snow (an inch or less), but didn't really think that would be a problem. As I went out to clean off my car, my car door was frozen. There was a layer of ice over the snow on my car. I really didn't think much of it other than trying to scrape quietly as not to wake up my son. When I went to get in my car, I slid on some ice. I park on the street, and there is often ice by my car door. So I didn't really give it much thought. On the drive to our meeting place, the road seemed fairly dry. When I got to our meeting place, I noticed some patches of black ice in the parking lot. I mentioned this to my running buddy that we'd have to watch out for black ice. He agreed. We waited for my slow watch to find the satellite,  and then off we went. We didn't get very far when we slipped a little. We re-stated we really needed to be careful, and stay off of any p

Of Sweat And Tears

I had a 14 mile run on the schedule yesterday. I was planning on running outside, but a heart-breaking message changed my plans. My Running Partner's Wife passed away yesterday morning. It wasn't unexpected, but it was painful just the same. I know many of you reading this don't know me. But if you have a moment, take the time to pray for him and his family. Pray that when the lows come, that they will be comforted. As everyone is in shock of her passing, I know that people are trying to comfort the family. They offer condolences and ask if there is anything that they can do. But as time goes on, and people return to their busy lives, it's often at that moment that people who have lost loved ones need the most comfort. So if you are reading this, and if you feel led to do so, please pray for this family that they not only would be comforted at this moment but in the upcoming months and years. So needless to say, yesterday's long run was an emotional one. I still p