Well That Was A First

Well that was a first...

I got up at 4am today to meet my Running Partner at 5:30am. I knew that we got a little snow (an inch or less), but didn't really think that would be a problem. As I went out to clean off my car, my car door was frozen. There was a layer of ice over the snow on my car. I really didn't think much of it other than trying to scrape quietly as not to wake up my son. When I went to get in my car, I slid on some ice. I park on the street, and there is often ice by my car door. So I didn't really give it much thought.

On the drive to our meeting place, the road seemed fairly dry. When I got to our meeting place, I noticed some patches of black ice in the parking lot. I mentioned this to my running buddy that we'd have to watch out for black ice. He agreed.

We waited for my slow watch to find the satellite,  and then off we went. We didn't get very far when we slipped a little. We re-stated we really needed to be careful, and stay off of any painted services. We made it a few more steps when we both were sliding and almost fell down. That was it, we decided to stop. It wasn't worth risking a fall to get in today's run.

I was supposed to do 7, and didn't look forward to driving back home to get on the treadmill for over an hour. My Running Partner suggested that I just do 4 today. He was going to try to push me this weekend with a hilly 18 miler if it worked out. I took his advice, and did 4 on the treadmill.

Can you believe that my first marathon is just 7 weeks away?


  1. Good luck with the marathon! I typically choose treadmill over the road when its icy. Smart move.
    If you haven't already, get yourself some netflix or HuLu! Keep it up! Meggan


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