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Kick In The Gut

Wow, where to begin. It all started last weekend when a friend of mine from back home was in a terrible accident. I knew that he was fighting for his life, and my heart was crushed for him and his family. I knew it would be a long road to recovery, but I really thought he would pull through. Monday began with going to the podiatrist who told me that I have plantar fasciitis in both feet plus I have tarsal tunnel syndrome in the right. I wasn't surprised to hear that. He then proceeded to bring up my weight... as in weight gain... as in the extra 15-20lbs that I'm carrying around. He told me that my body doesn't like it, and my body is letting me know. The extra weight is causing the nerves to be pressed in my foot which is making the tarsal tunnel syndrome worse. I left the podiatrist office with tears in my eyes as I drove to the gym. It's so very frustrating to know that the weight is causing issues, but it's climbing instead of falling. Or that's been t

Quick Core Workout With The Bosu

Wobble wobble wobble... but I have to say, it was a great workout. And I could feel it almost immediately. I saw this exercise somewhere out there on the internet, and I decided to give it a try. Basically you need a bosu and some trx straps. I've done this without the bosu, but adding in the instability of the bosu ball really increased the difficulty. Sorry about the ahem.. camera angle ... but it was the only way that I could get my phone to stand up while I was working out. So there you go.... now go work that core ;)  If you like this blog or this post, please take a moment to share it with friends. Tank you for helping me follow my dream. Share this on Facebook? Tweet Share on Tumblr Add to Flipboard Magazine. Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the affiliate link. Use Code MGR20 and save 20%

Was It the Plan Or Was It Me?

There is this thing called 'having a plan'. And then there is 'following the plan'. And then there is 'modifying the plan'. And then there is 'just ignoring the plan'. And for this week, I believe I have done a little of all of the above. It's great to have a goal, and a plan. But honestly, it has to be executed or it just won't happen. If you become complacent with just having a plan ( like I have done ) well your results won't be what you were hoping to see. My weight loss plan didn't exactly get executed in the way that I had intended for it to... I gained 2lbs this week. I know right?!? But I'm not going to let that totally discourage me. It just means I have to stop and take a look at what happened. So, what happened? Well, I had a plan. ( that's good ). I wrote out said plan ( When You Reach The Moment You'll Know ), and then... well... I didn't execute the plan. I ate a lot of emotions this week - a lot. ( u

When You Reach The Moment You'll Know

I kept saying that I had to do something ... that something had to change .. that I was tired of feeling the way that I feel about myself. I thought I had finally had the moment where I had decided to do things different. But the reality showed otherwise. I said I wanted it, but did I? Because if I really did want changes, wouldn't I change? But then... the moment actually did happen... it wasn't anything significant... no upcoming event... no reason that I needed to drop any pounds or feel better about myself for anything in particular... it was partly because of this blog... I have a few subscribers ( people who receive my blog via email ).. and for some reason for that certain day, my numbers were up. And I couldn't help but think, what if I could help one person along with myself? What if my actions helped changed one person's life? And that was

Happy In My Skirt Sports Happy Girl

FYI - all links in the body of this post are affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the affiliate link. Let me say, I'm 4'10 ( and half.. you can't forget the half )" ... so.. I'm .. shall we say vertically challenged. That being said, the happy girl isn't a skirt that I've tested for running. Not to say that I couldn't run it it, I honestly just haven't tested it for running. I do know several ( taller ladies ) who run in it, and it's their go-to skirt. It hasn't been my go-to skirt for working out, but it has been my go-to skirt for other things.... like... oh... Church... school orientation... grocery shopping.... running errands.... out with the girls... out with the family for family outings... out to eat .... the playground.... mainly it's my skirt that I use for when I need to look.. shall we say.... presentable. So the Happy Girl definitely makes me happy in that it's comfort

Seattle Sports Company E-Merse GoPack

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the E-Merse GoPack for free from Seattle Sports Company in consideration for a gear review  As the temps start to get a little chillier, it's a reminder that Summer ( along with the fact that school started ) is coming to an end. And let me tell you, Lil Man and I really enjoyed our summer. I don't know what it is about water, but if Lil Man can find it, he's in it. And I got the opportunity to review the E-Merse GoPack from Seattle Sports Company. I can't count the number of times that I've either had something drenched that shouldn't have been drenched, or that I got my car soaked because my sack of wet clothes leaked all over everything. First of all, what is the Seattle Sports E-Merse GoPack? Well, it's fairly simple, yet genius. It's a backpack. You remove the top handle, place your things inside, close it back up and there you go... a waterproof backpack E-Merse GoPack

#TuesdayTidbit - An Unscheduled Rest Day Won't Kill You

Seriously, the struggle is real. I know it is for me... the word... rest day. Now, don't get me wrong, when I was marathon training, I cherished the rest day. But those were different. I'm talking about an unscheduled rest day which means missing a scheduled workout. For me, it's one of the hardest things for me to do. I don't like missing scheduled workouts, but sometimes truthfully it is just necessary. If your body is screaming exhaustion... in my personal non professional and certainly not an elite athlete, I say listen. Give it the rest it needs. I'm slowing learning that if I honor my body then my body will in return give me more.

When Jealousy Takes The Lead

It's that time of the year when fall racing season begins. If you are a runner, then you I know what I mean. Training ramps up, races overlap each other, the temps start dropping, and we all give one collective sigh of aaaahhhhhhhh But for me, since my training has been less than stellar, and my tarsal tunnel syndrome has reared it's ugly head, in addition to frustration I've struggled a little with jealousy. See, just because you used to run X pace, if you have to take an extended time off (like I did.. silly freak dog injury When the Unexpected Happens ), you can't expect to just jump back into the game and pick up where you left off. Nor can you think that you can keep up with all of your running friends who haven't taken time off. And I didn't listen. I tried to come back a little too fast. I was frustrated at how slow it was coming along... and how slow my pace was.. how hard it felt... it was like starting over.. like I'd never run before... and