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Let me say, I'm 4'10 (and half.. you can't forget the half)" ... so.. I'm .. shall we say vertically challenged.

That being said, the happy girl isn't a skirt that I've tested for running. Not to say that I couldn't run it it, I honestly just haven't tested it for running. I do know several (taller ladies) who run in it, and it's their go-to skirt. It hasn't been my go-to skirt for working out, but it has been my go-to skirt for other things.... like...

oh... Church... school orientation... grocery shopping.... running errands.... out with the girls... out with the family for family outings... out to eat .... the playground.... mainly it's my skirt that I use for when I need to look.. shall we say.... presentable.

So the Happy Girl definitely makes me happy in that it's comfortable, stylish and fun. There are lots of cute colors to choose from. The material doesn't wrinkle. I look 'put together' when I'm wearing the Happy Girl.

The pockets are awesome and yes I own several Happy Girl skirts. (due the fact that my husband may at some point discover my blog, I will refrain from stating just HOW many Happy Girl skirts that I have). But I can say that I have thoroughly tested them :)

If you are new to Skirt Sports, I truly encourage you to check them out. I am not a girly girl.. never have been.. so the thought of me working out in a skirt was... well... something that I said I would never do.

Apparently you should never say never... because all it took was one skirt.. that's right ONE skirt from Skirt Sports and I was hooked...

So if you are curious, check them out and use my code MGR20 and save 20%

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Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the affiliate link.


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