Do People Still Read Blogs?

Are blogs a thing of the past? Maybe... but each year when my domain comes up for renewal, I can't help but renew it. I don't know. I guess it's been a part of me for so long that I really don't want to let it go. So I'll keep plugging along. Those of you that want to read it will. Those that don't, well you don't know what you are missing 😂

I learned a long time ago that I have a voice. I also have a choice in how I use it.

Today, I hope you find some encouragement in what I have to say.
In case you haven't figured this out by now, I'm a planner. I know shocker right?!? So although I love substitute teaching, it's making the planner in me anxious. And it's been reeking havoc on my workouts. Basically the morning of or maybe the night before, I find out if I'm working. So my day (that I thought I had planned) can be turned upside down in an instant. But truthfully, isn’t that really the same with everyone? Kids gets sick. We get sick. Th…

Gifts For Runners Gift Guide 2018

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Although this is definitely not a comprehensive list, I thought I’d share with you some gift ideas for runners. These are things that I personally use, and I can personally say that I would recommend them to friends and family. So if you are in a bind for some last minute shopping, well here you go. You're welcome :)

What Do You Do When You Lose Your Motivation?

Ya’ll, I’ve lost it. No really, I’ve lost it. I’ve struggled my entire life it feels like with nutrition related issues. But exercise for the most part has never been an issue for me. It was just something that I did. Sure, I’d get off track here and there. I’ve been known to blow off some training runs. I’ve missed workouts due to sickness and injury and life in general. But with those things I’m talking days, not weeks. Even when I was injured I found some way to stay active.
Now, don’t get me wrong. My step count will tell you that I’m still on the move, but that’s my daily life movement. Without exercise, I’m averaging around 100,000 steps a week. If you read my last post (Taking Time For You Is Not Selfish - It's Necessary) then you know that I haven’t exercised consistently since September. Since that post, I’ve struggled to stay on track. In fact, I haven’t exercised since I wrote the last post. I will pause a moment for the collective gasp.

So, I’m back here with you askin…

Taking Time For You Is Not Selfish - It's Necessary

Recently I reached a point where I stopped checking in with myself. I stopped asking what I needed. I stopped listening to those emotional cues telling me that I needed a break. It started when I got that horrid virus in September. It really took it out of me. For weeks and yes I said weeks the exhaustion was unreal. All workouts stopped, it became about just making it through the day. It was getting everyone fed, making lunches, planning dinner, struggling to get it all done, making sure homework was completed, getting laundry done... the list goes on and on. As I eventually recovered, I still kept pushing through. I didn’t check back in. I just kept going and going to the point that I reached that point. The point where you have to blow off steam, the small eruptions before the big one. Exercising was non-existent. Binge eating sugar became the norm. And my mini meltdowns became more frequent and larger and larger.

I've Been Accepted To The #YakPak

No I haven't totally fallen off of the consistency wagon. I haven't totally adhered to my schedule, but I have a lot of wheels turning right now. I'm not able to disclose just yet what's in the works. But stay tuned. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing the news, and no I'm not pregnant nor do I intend to be :)

I would like to share

How I Plan To Be Consistent

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Consistency... it can be such an ugly word sometimes! And for me it's been a struggle... in a lot and I mean a lot of areas this year...  And I thought maybe once school started it would get easier? You know, having a routine... but it's been the opposite. I feel like I've been squeaking by to keep my head above water.

So, I've created a plan of action. Yep. You know, if you write it down and put it in a calendar with pretty stickers and all, it's bound to happen right? ;)

Stop Your Scroll - This Is Your Life

Where did July go? Seriously, it seems like this month is truly just flying by. Since Lil Man and I went to the beach in June (Why You Should Capture The Moment) it feels like everything has been a blur. 

Our days have consisted of hanging out at the local pool, chilling at home and butting heads on a frequent basis. ;) But when I look back over the summer, it does feel like one big blur. Is it just me?

Summer also brought me the boot (let's all give one big collective sigh).

After some hill work, I felt pain in my shin/lower leg area. Fast forward a week and the pain had increased. One x-ray and dr visit later I was put in the boot for 2 weeks with tendontis, shin splints with the possibility of headed toward a stress fracture. I was also informed that my arthritis in my ankle is really bad.

I made the best of it. I've been here way too many times.

But after about 5 days, the arthritis in my foot and ankle were hurting worse than the original pain in the shin area. I had also acqu…