Mommas Don’t Feel Guilty

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Do not feel guilty for taking time for you. There have been plenty of times that I skipped my early morning workout. I just didn’t feel like doing it before work. After work, I was too emotionally and physically tired.

Recently, I got up, made lunches for the family and told Hubby and Lil Man that I needed 30 minutes.

And I felt guilty!

Guilty for first of all admitting I that I needed that half hour, and second of all for leaving my family to take a little time for me.  But the reality is, I have a husband who is quite capable of eating breakfast with our son and overseeing that he gets dressed and ready for school while I take 30 minutes for myself. After my workout, I felt like a new woman and ready to face the day. Because I took care of me, I was able to be a better Wife and Mom. 

So drop the guilt peeps. It’s ok and necessary to take the time for self care. If you can’t get a chunk of time, take the time you can get when you can.

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