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Stop Your Scroll - This Is Your Life

Where did July go? Seriously, it seems like this month is truly just flying by. Since Lil Man and I went to the beach in June ( Why You Should Capture The Moment ) it feels like everything has been a blur.  Our days have consisted of hanging out at the local pool, chilling at home and butting heads on a frequent basis. ;) But when I look back over the summer, it does feel like one big blur. Is it just me? Summer also brought me the boot ( let's all give one big collective sigh ). After some hill work, I felt pain in my shin/lower leg area. Fast forward a week and the pain had increased. One x-ray and dr visit later I was put in the boot for 2 weeks with tendontis, shin splints with the possibility of headed toward a stress fracture. I was also informed that my arthritis in my ankle is really bad. I made the best of it. I've been here way too many times. But after about 5 days, the arthritis in my foot and ankle were hurting worse than the original