Stop Your Scroll - This Is Your Life

Where did July go? Seriously, it seems like this month is truly just flying by. Since Lil Man and I went to the beach in June (Why You Should Capture The Moment) it feels like everything has been a blur. 

Our days have consisted of hanging out at the local pool, chilling at home and butting heads on a frequent basis. ;) But when I look back over the summer, it does feel like one big blur. Is it just me?

Summer also brought me the boot (let's all give one big collective sigh).

After some hill work, I felt pain in my shin/lower leg area. Fast forward a week and the pain had increased. One x-ray and dr visit later I was put in the boot for 2 weeks with tendontis, shin splints with the possibility of headed toward a stress fracture. I was also informed that my arthritis in my ankle is really bad.

I made the best of it. I've been here way too many times.

But after about 5 days, the arthritis in my foot and ankle were hurting worse than the original pain in the shin area. I had also acquired another area of pain at a different location on my shin.

So, I made the executive decision to take myself out of the boot and use compression and ice. The lack of motion was causing more problems than helping at the moment.

I know there are  'mixed' opinions on icing, but for me it really seems to help. So does compression.  That being said, after 10 days off from running/biking I ran.

I was registered for the Gixo 5K Fun K. My original plan was race this run. Then the injury happened and I didn't think that I would be able to do it at all. Then after a week of rest I realized I could probably walk it. But by race time, I decided to run. Although it was a much slower pace than I wanted, it was still a run.

I listened to my body and responded as needed. I'm not 100%, but I believe that ditching the boot was the best decision. I just have to take it one day at a time.

But isn't that life? Taking things one day at a time - and living and learning as we go along. This also brings me to my next thought... 

Stop scrolling through your newsfeed and being jealous of yet another 'family' vacation that someone is posting about while you are sitting at home. Stop feeling guilty after seeing the mom who created an all organic made from scratch lunch while you just tossed your kid a package of peanut butter crackers and said here's your lunch. Stop comparing parenting styles. Stop doubting yourself. Stop looking at others' accomplishments and comparing them to yours. This is YOUR life, sometimes a very short one at that. Take a moment to stop and reflect on what you DO have instead of what you DON'T. Change the things within your ability to change. This is not aimed at anyone in particular, but if you are reading this, and if something resonates within you, then there you go. This was for you. Stop allowing your joy to be stolen.

Until next time...

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