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My New Found Passion For Walking

Walking - who knew that it would be so simple yet so satisfying.  (And for anyone who may have missed it, you can catch up here on ( How I'm Adjusting To My New Normal ) But since distance running isn't a part of my life ( see above mentioned post ) I'm actually embracing walking. And I'm not currently talking about power walking, but just walking. Now keep in mind,  I am running twice a week and doing spin class weekly. So I have several days out of the week where I am pushing myself to improve my cardiovascular fitness. I realize that leisure walking isn't necessarily going to increase my cardiovascular fitness. But I will say that although my legs have been muscular for years, I think they are the

Using An App To Help Me Stay On Path

Hello there you blank beautiful screen. It's been awhile. I took a little time last week to just step back, disconnect, and honestly breathe. I felt myself needing a breather and a moment to adjust to going back to work ( part-time ), Lil Man going to school full time, soccer and running for him, and just daily life. You know what I mean. My typical morning is starting to consist of some type of early morning workout, rushing home to get lunches made, making sure I'm back in time so hubby can get to work, grabbing a quick shower, getting Lil Man to the bus stop, finally getting breakfast for me, packing my work bag, getting laundry started, cleaning up the kitchen, taking the dogs in and out and in and out...  and if possible I try to get caught up on email/social media before I head into work. But I'm back and feeling a little more like I have things under control. I think I'm finding

How I Am Adjusting To My New Normal

Just thought I'd give a quick update as to how things are going after my diagnosis with arthritis. First of all, I am finding that what I eat really does have a major impact on my joints. And I can usually see swollen joints by the end of the day after eating the offending food. And yes for me Turmeric and Ginger tea really do help. I AM RUNNING twice a week. It's one day less than what I was normally running. At this point

How Packing A Lunch Is Helping My Nutrition

So, as most of you know, motivation to exercise is not really an issue for me. I truly enjoy working out ( most of the time ). However, nutrition is where I struggle. I know what to eat ( usually ), it's making the right choice is where I stumble. That being said, since I started my new job ( Check out my post at Today's Words Of Glass if you have a moment. Yep, it's my other blog. I've decided it was time to re-vive it along with managing this one ) But back to what I was saying... since I've started my new job, I've been packing everyone's lunch. Lil Man packs lunch some days, and the others he buys a lunch. Same with Hubby, but for the most part packing lunch is part of my evening/morning routine. I have found that my nutrition during the week

Why I Am Using Turmeric And Ginger Teas

*This post contains affiliate links. After my diagnosis of arthritis, I started looking for ways to reduce inflammation without having to take meds. And yes, I'm finding out what my dietary triggers are - too much sugar, too much dairy, too much bread, and too much processed food. I had heard that turmeric and ginger were also great to help reduce inflammation. I love tea. So instead of taking a supplement, I decided to try tea instead. Let me tell you, it's awesome! I noticed a significant difference in my joints ( especially my hands ). So I've been drinking