How I Am Adjusting To My New Normal

Just thought I'd give a quick update as to how things are going after my diagnosis with arthritis.

First of all, I am finding that what I eat really does have a major impact on my joints. And I can usually see swollen joints by the end of the day after eating the offending food. And yes for me Turmeric and Ginger tea really do help.

I AM RUNNING twice a week. It's one day less than what I was normally running. At this point
my runs have been really short (1-2 milers with one 3 miler so far).

I'm working my way up to consistently running 3 miles, but it's not something that I can just do overnight..

Does my foot hurt after I run? YES - in fact BOTH feet hurt. But it usually only lasts about a day and then the pain subsides for the most part. This past week I have walked over 121,000 steps, and so far my feet have held up to this. With my new job (My Life As A Non-Instructional Aide) I am on my feet for 4 hours a day, and it involves a lot of walking.

I'm ramping up my low impact cardio. I did spin last week.

And I plan to continue to make spin/biking part of my weekly routine. Ideally, I'd like to do spin/biking twice a week.

I'm still trying to figure out how to get in my strength training. How do people keep up with cardio, running and lifting? I can't seem to manage it all. Either I'm too sore. Or I just don't have the time!

I was able to get in one strength training workout this past week. But I would really like to lift at least twice a week. I would prefer three times a week, but I'm still working on how to make all of that happen.

Do I think that I will ever run distance again? I'm not sure. I had hoped to do some half marathons, but the reality is that just might not be reality. In fact, my distance may tap out at 3 miles? I'm honestly not sure. It's going to be a one day at a time thing and see what happens.

But you know? I'm moving. And as I type this, I was supposed to run a half marathon this past weekend... my first one in awhile. In the past, if I've ever missed a race to illness or injury, when race time would roll around, I would usually have to fight off the sadness... even a little bit of depression over the missed opportunity.

I FORGOT that the race was this weekend. Yes, ya'll, I'm just happy to be moving. I think being in the boot, and in pain, and then being told that this is just basically my new life, I'm just happy that I can run what I'm running, walk what I'm walking, and that I'm able to move my body.

So, I suppose I am adjusting to my new normal. I think my new normal will evolve over time. but I'm trying my best to embrace each step in the journey.

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  1. Life does throw us curveballs, doesn't it? I hope that you can continue to add running distance if that is what you want to do, without more pain. I deal with arthritis in my knees and hands, so I know the discomfort can be a challenge.

  2. Thanks for sharing Amy! I love your positivity about the whole situation.


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