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Nut Butters, Say What?

I like peanut butter. I can't say that I'm obsessed with it like I am ice cream or chocolate, but I don't turn my nose up at it either. And since Lil Man has started eating peanut butter sandwiches (and just 3 weeks ago he wouldn't touch the stuff), we've increased our peanut butter consumption. So when I came across this site ( Blind Spot Nut Butters ) I was intrigued. Blind Spot Nut Butters is a local company. Here is a little background info taken from their website ( ) "In 2012, Troy was diagnosed with Stargardt's Disease, a degenerative retinal condition in which he has lost most of his central vision in one eye and has several blind spots in his better eye.  It has reduced his vision to the point that he is no longer able to work. So, we decided that it was a perfect time to start a new business venture and since we are peanut butter addicts and we were pros at making our own blends, we decided to cr

2 Half Marathons In 1 Weekend = 2 Medals, a Big Smile And Super Sore

Can you believe that I did it?!?!?!? I ran the Bird In Half Half Marathon  this past Saturday, and the Harrisburg Half Marathon this past Sunday. Yep, 2 Halves in one weekend which was a monumental thing for me. The goal was to take them both very easy. But I ran Bird In Hand more as a race instead of a training run. It was my 2nd fastest time (which I didn't even realize as I was running it). So I possibly could have PRed, but I was just enjoying the run. It was the most beautiful course I've ever run - Amish farm land with hot air balloons floating above us. Most (if not all) of the water stops were by the Amish. It was truly just a great race. I was playing cat and mouse with this other girl on the course. We both had this look of 'I will die before I let her beat me". At about mile 11ish, I could hear her coming back up to pass me again. In my head I heard "Be smart, you are running another Half Marathon tomorrow. But then I heard myself say, sorry, bu