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What Running Has Taught Me

Today has been a reflective today for me. And I started thinking about all of the things that running has taught me.  Running has taught me that  I'm stronger than I ever thought I could be ( I finished my first marathon at 40) Sometimes when my body says rest, when my mind says no, that I need to listen to my body.  Stretching really is important, especially when it comes to Plantar Fasciitis. Sometimes I allow myself to be weak mentally and not push through runs when I have it in me to do more. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment that running gives me.  I am setting a role model for my son when it comes to fitness.  It has allowed me to be a part of a group of awesome people   Once a Runner, always a Runner Running has taught me balance and discipline.  Running is more than just putting on a pair of shoes, strapping on some gadgets and burning some calories. Running has truly changed my life. 

Running and Nature

This week was a drop back week for me. I was able to get in a 7 miler on Tuesday, but the rest of my runs this week have been short ones. I've been rushed on time, and my knee has been bugging me a little. The humidity dropped so I've had very nice temps in the mornings though which has been a nice change. Today's run I was almost hit while running. Let's just say I was very surprised when they ran out in front of me. :) It sure got my heart started on my very hilly 5 miler today. They stood for a very long time and just watched me. Have you ever had a run in with nature while running? 

Trail Running As Cross Training

If you've been following my blog, then you know that I've started running some trails once a week for cross training. And I have to say with each passing week, I like it more and more. In fact, I ran 13 miles (road) yesterday. And today, I just wanted to get in a couple of trail miles. So on my way to the grocery store, yes the grocery store, I decided to stop off at some trails and get in a couple of miles before doing my grocery shopping. The bugs were still horrible, but it was a nice run. This is the first time that I've ever run trails by myself. It was a little unnerving to run by myself. And I would much rather run with others. But I'm proud of myself for doing this today. It was nice to get in a couple of miles this morning. I will admit that running trails seemed a little scary to me since I am a road runner. But I'm finding that trail running is a great addition to my overall running. I almost fell today. And I did fall once (into a

Finding Inspiration When We Least Expect It

I've never been one to enjoy strength training. In fact, unless I'm with a group of people, or taking a class, I find it really hard to make myself do it. But years ago, Hubby decided to get a bowflex. I had my doubts then if we'd ever use it. The answer is.. no we did not. It's used more to 'dry clothes' than build or tone muscles. In fact, I'm in the process of selling it. When I do any strength training at home, I use my free weights. But a couple of weeks ago, I decided to do a few reps and Lil Man was amazed by it all. Today, as I was working on the computer, I heard a noise. I looked over to see what he was into, and this is what I found. He was 'working out'. It was beyond cute, but it was also an "aha" moment. Sometimes we can find inspiration when we least expect it. And our children are always watching, even when we think they aren't. So, what did I do? I stopped what I was doing, and went and 'worked' ou

Wow Was I Surprised About Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt

As you know, I LOVE ice cream. And I mean the real stuff. If it's skinny, low fat or labeled 'healthy' I usually by-pass it. If I want ice cream, I want the real deal. Image Source So, when I kept seeing advertisements for Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt , I honestly didn't give it much thought. I mean, come on, it's Frozen Greek Yogurt and that just didn't appeal to me. But since I'm trying to cut out some of the sweets in my diet, I thought maybe I should give Yasso a try. I'll admit as I was putting my Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt (blueberry flavor) in the freezer, I was thinking that it was probably a waste because I just couldn't see myself enjoying it. And truthfully I was probably snarling my nose a little when I started unwrapping it. I took a little nibble, like a child who is skeptical of trying a new food. "Hmmm... that wasn't bad." So I took a bigger bite. "You know, this isn't bad at all. In fact, this is pretty g

Restless Mind = Restless Body

Ever have those days where you just couldn't get your mind to settle down? That was me today. I ran my 12 miles yesterday, and I knew that today was a rest day. In fact, yesterday I commented that I was SOOOOOO glad today was a rest day. Well you know what? I just couldn't 'rest' today. My mind is all over the place. I considered a run, but really, my running legs need a break, especially with my calf/Achilles or whatever it is that's sore. Instead, I pulled out the rusty bike my Hubby found. The seat is torn, the tires were flat, and the handle bars aren't even. But Hubby put some air in the tires and put some oil on the bike chain for me. And off I went. I've mentioned before how stationary bikes/spin class/etc is really difficult for me. Riding my bike today proved to be the same tough workout. It was fun though to get out, sweat, and clear my mind a bit. I got in 6 miles in about 32 minutes. I know - not fast. But my legs were jello when I got of

Really Starting To Love These Trails

Wow, this week has flown by for me. I think I'm playing catch-up from the holiday weekend. And honestly, I haven't caught up! My house is a wreck at the moment, but I've kept out with my workouts this week ;) Monday - A quick 2 miler and I have to say that I was pleased that the first mile was 8:34 and the second was 8:28. I also did Boot Camp class that evening. Tuesday - a very hilly 6 mile run. The pace was slower than I wanted (10:38), but I was tired mentally and physically so I'm please that I got through this run. Wednesday - 10 minutes on the stationary bike and I said forget this. So I went to Body Blast class at the gym. Lunges, squats, planks, upper body work, and a little shy of an hour later, I was drenched in sweat. Thursday - I was feeling the class from yesterday. My left calf is really sore. But I got through a 4 mile run with Lil Man in the jogger. Friday - Trail run Friday.. woo hoo. I'm getting more and more into this trail running. In

I'm Finding Success Is Related To The Desire

Let's just say I fell off the wagon for a few days. It would have been ok, if I'd eaten sweets in moderation. And honestly, I won't even type here just how much sugar I've had the last few days over the holiday weekend. The reality is that it was a choice, and I CHOSE to eat the ridiculously huge amounts of sugar. I wasn't stressed. I wasn't eating from boredom or sadness or happiness. This wasn't an emotional eating binge. It was really just that I wanted the sugar. I chose to eat it, and then once I did, I continued to eat it. And now I have another choice. I can beat myself up over and over, but what's done is done. I can throw in the towel, and just say forget it. Or I can begin again. I'm choosing the last option and beginning again. I really do want to get healthier, and I would oh so love to be able to loose my gut (or some of it). And I know that sugar is a drug, an addiction and a pleasure of mine. But I also need to remind myself that I fi

Hot and Humid 10 Mile Run

I ran with a friend this morning. I'm glad we decided to start an hour earlier. It was hot before Sunrise today, along with lots of humidity. This run wasn't pretty, but it was completed. The goal for today was distance. We had to switch to a run/walk at about a couple of miles in to help with her breathing. And honestly, this is much harder for me. And my goal for today was to get in a good workout, and that was definitely accomplished. By 5 miles, if I'd known someone on the road, I think I would have had them pick me up and take me back to the car. Yep, between the heat, the sun, and my legs who were protesting, the last 5 miles were a struggle for me. But, we did it. And she wanted to keep it under a 12:00 average pace which we also did. Tomorrow is a REST day! I'm pleased with my 26 miles this week.

Finally A Good Run & PRO Compression Marathon Socks Giveaway

Since the Double Creek Half , I've been in a little bit of a slump. I'm frustrated with my (what I see) as a huge gut. So I upped my cardio to try to burn more calories, and I messed up my knee(s) which resulted in time off instead of more cardio. Also, my running buddies have been out of town or too busy to run which has left me to run solo for all of my runs. So, when I saw my long run on the schedule this past weekend, I admit that I wasn't too excited. I even commented to my husband that I might need some encouragement to get out there and attempt it. I decided that I wasn't going to focus on pace. I was just going to run and hope to reach the intended target miles. My knee still isn't 100%, but it loosened up around a half mile. At 4 miles, I realized that if I pushed the pace on the last 4 back, that I could come in under a 10mm. I wound up with a 9:46 pace for the 8 mile run. I was pleased. I drove home with a smile on my face. This was exactly what I neede