Trail Running As Cross Training

If you've been following my blog, then you know that I've started running some trails once a week for cross training. And I have to say with each passing week, I like it more and more.

In fact, I ran 13 miles (road) yesterday. And today, I just wanted to get in a couple of trail miles. So on my way to the grocery store, yes the grocery store, I decided to stop off at some trails and get in a couple of miles before doing my grocery shopping.

The bugs were still horrible, but it was a nice run. This is the first time that I've ever run trails by myself. It was a little unnerving to run by myself. And I would much rather run with others. But I'm proud of myself for doing this today. It was nice to get in a couple of miles this morning.

I will admit that running trails seemed a little scary to me since I am a road runner. But I'm finding that trail running is a great addition to my overall running. I almost fell today. And I did fall once (into another runner who broke my fall.. oops.. sorry friend). But I also know that I could trip on the road also. And I can't let my fear of falling on the trails keep me from the trails.

In fact, Runner's World has an article Why Trail Running Is Good For You. 

Check it out.. then go find some trails :)

I listened to the sound of birds, water running, and scurrying animals today instead of road noise.


  1. I definitely think trail running helps with my road running. Not only can I run more miles when they're on the trail, but my bones like it better, and the hills are speed work in disguise!

    Not to mention, the view on a trail is way more spectacular! I love the wildlife..........minus the bugs.

  2. Trail running for me beats roadwork any day. I get a more varied workout and use muscles I didn't know existed. Running on roads afterwards is so much easier!


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