Rothrock 10K Trail Race Recap

Let me say, that because of my recent setbacks  since early June, my training hasn't been as consistent as I would like it to be. So I knew going into the Rothrock 10K that it would be a challenge.

And I knew there was a big climb in the beginning. What I didn't expect was it to be SOOOOOOO painful. Yes, I don't remember being in that much pain (maybe in one of my marathons when I cramped up) But during the climb my achilles and calves were hurting so bad I was near tears. I would make it 15-20 steps or so, and I would have to step over to the side and take a breather and try to stretch. And then continue again for another 15-20 steps before I would have to stop again.

Had this been a road race, and a way 'out', I'm pretty sure that at this point I would have taken it. Yes, for me personally, it was that tough, and I was in that much pain.

But here I was. halfway up this mountain,
and I just kept moving forward.

As I began to approach the top of the climb (or I hoped it was near the end anyway), I came across a first-timer to trail racing. And she and I stuck with each other for the rest of the way. 

Photo Courtesy of my friend that I met on the trail 

Wow, was that a blessing. Misery loves company right? ;) 

No, seriously - that's one of the things that I truly love about trail running is the comradery out on the trail (and off). 

But she and I stuck together (most of the time without anyone in sight). How is that possible that someone passes you, and then you never see them again? It's almost like they just vanish. So I'm really glad that I didn't spend the last half of the race solo. 

She and I chatted and encouraged each other along the way. 

Near the end, but both go a little "get up and go" in our "got up and went" and she sprinted to the finish. I picked up the pace and passed a couple of people at the very end. 

All in all, I came in under 2 hours (which was my goal) at around 1:51:22. 

But here's the thing.. for me... it isn't about time. It's about the experience, the fun, the beautiful trail, and pushing myself past my comfort zone. 

I definitely did that with the Rothrock 10K. And as difficult as it was, I'm sure if possible, I will do it again next year! 

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