DUI Victims Memorial 10K

I wasn’t feeling this at all - not mentally or physically. In fact, I almost didn’t go. It wasn’t nerves keeping me from wanting to go. I really just wasn’t ‘into’ it today. But, I had paid the money and I had been looking forward to this challenge, so I went.

This was by far not my best run, but in all fairness to myself, I did it. This was my farthest run yet since having the baby and getting back into exercise. I walked a little more of it than I had wanted to, but I still ran at least 95% of the race.

Because I was so much slower this year, after mile 4, I was alone. As in TOTALLY ALONE - I couldn’t even see anyone ahead of me. It was at this point I let myself slip a little and walk some. And even though I did walk some of this, I know I could I have walked more, but I forced myself to start running again. I ran until my legs felt like lead, then walked a little more, and repeated this a time or two. Then I ran the last stretch to the finish line. I had a nice push at the end - basically I was just glad it was finally over.

This year was 10 minutes slower than last year. But considering I had a baby 14 weeks ago, I just started back running a couple of months ago after being out for practically a year, I will cut myself some slack and take this accomplishment for the day.

66:55 - my slowest time ever for this distance - but it’s mine and I’ll claim it.

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  1. Good for you for not giving up! I'm glad to hear you'll be in the HHM in Oct. I'm running the first half this year and hubby will finish, so the pressure is on for me this time to do well and not get picked up by the bus if I'm too slow. Will you be running the full half?

  2. Yep I am attempting the full half - yikes :)

  3. I would say new baby and extended break from running would merit a little slack, great job getting out there and finishing :)


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