When Injuries Get You Down

I love writing. I do. But for me to share (aka write) it means that my cup has to... well have something in it to share. And lately I've felt like I've hit some empty spots. You know? It's hard to share when you don't feel like you have anything to share. Does that make sense?

So I took a little time to regroup. (And pout, get angry and lash out here and there.) And I realized that injuries can teach you a lot about yourselves and others (I'll get to that part in a minute).

So here is what this current ongoing injury has taught me.

  • Feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to do anything but make you and others around you miserable. Sit down, have a good cry, and basically move on. Because wallowing in self-pity is a waste of energy. 
  • Complaining isn't going to solve the problem. And quite frankly people get tired of hearing how bad your hip hurts. 
  • NON-runners probably won't get it. So save your breath and your frustration when they don't really understand what it feels like. 
  • REST and RECOVERY are super important and shouldn't be skipped. In fact, I've set up reminders in my calendar to stretch and foam roll daily. 
  • Cross-training is also important. (...if done properly. I've found that my pull-up attempts have possibly been the culprit of this injury.. sigh). But I still feel that cross-training is super important. I have added biking to my schedule. I plan to continue to bike once I am back running regularly. I also still plan to strength training. 
  • Yoga has been great for stress-relief plus helping me get into the habit of stretching. 
  • Comparison will steal your joy. 
  • Spending time daily being thankful for what I CAN DO instead of what I can't do has been instrumental in my emotional health. 
  • I realized that I can work on my goals even while I am injured. 
  • Non-injured friends will continue to run - and they will get stronger - and they will be faster than you where you were possibly faster before. And you have to be happy for them and not jealous. 
  • You'll find out who your true friends are. Your real friends will be there during injury. And sometimes they'll give you a swift kick in the rear when you need it. 
I have a choice. I can't choose not to be injured, but I can choose how I handle the injury.

And I'm choosing gratitude. I'm choosing encouragement. And I'm choosing to be transparent with myself and with you.

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  1. I wrote about coming back from injury today and mentally dealing with all of it. I loved this "Non-injured friends will continue to run... and they will be faster than you where you were possibly faster before. And you have to be happy for them and not jealous. " because it's so true, and I touched on that in my blog post today. It's hard to not be running! Good vibes to you, lady!

    1. Headed over to read your post now! Hang in there. Good vibes to you also!

  2. Injuries suck!! Plain and simple.

    You have a great attitude.

    You'll be back out there in no time. And you will appreciate your running so much more.


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