First 18 Miler

Woo Hoo... I just completed my first 18 miler today.  Thats right, that's a 1 and an 8 side by side. Wow, I honestly can say I never really saw myself making that statement. See, I was one of those people who would never consider a marathon, or even a half to be honest. I didn't consider myself a distance runner.  And even though I just completed an 18 mile run, I still have a hard time (at this point) labeling myself as a distance runner.

But today, we were pressed for time. We had to finish at a certain time so I could go get Lil Man from my Hubby. I text my running buddy and asked her if she could meet me at 5 instead of 5:15. She agreed.

Let me set the scene... it was dark... it was misting rain... well there you go. The first hour was pretty much done in darkness. It was misting rain (for the most part) the entire run, with bouts of heavier sprinkles to light rain.  Down by the river it was the usually buggy run. My running buddy and I both took a gnat to the eye. Between the sweat, salt, rain, bugs and portapotty germs, I was MORE than ready for a shower once this was over. However, I must have missed some spots with the Glide, as the shower resulted in a few screams as the water hit some rubbed raw spots.

Overall, I feel ok. I'm sore. My knees are achy, and I am really feeling my hamstrings. I'll probably break out the marathon stick tonight and give myself a once or twice over.  Also, I'll try to get in some light stretching. I felt my foot a time or two during the run, but no real soreness at this point. I'll know more tomorrow morning when I walk on it the first time.  If I have pain after a few steps, I know I did too much.

It's funny how your perspective changes. I remember when I had a 10 or 12 miler on the schedule. It was a scary thought. Now, I think of next week (13 miler) as an easy week. Don't get me wrong, running any longer distance is a challenge for me. But running 13 doesn't seem as daunting now as it once did.

Wow, I just ran 18 miles today. I'm proud of myself.  Now where is that ice cream....



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