Voice of Reason

I'm looking for the voice of reason. You know the voice that tells you that you've put in the hard work, that it's going to all be ok, and basically you just need to chill. See, I'm running the VA Beach Half Marathon next weekend. And there are a lot of variables going into this trip/race.

  1. It's Lil Man's first big trip. This will be the longest he's been in the car and the longest away from home.

  2. This is my first race away from home. I have stomach  issues when running anyway. Combine that with my stomach being 'off' from traveling, plus eating different food, plus running.. yeah.. I'm pretty nervous that my runner's trots will keep me in the portapotty more than on the course. OH, and we got our confirmation information about water stops/fuel but NO information about portapottys. I have NO idea what mile they are or how many.

  3. I'm nervous about packing. Once again, this is the longest Lil Man will be away from home. And I'm nervous about forgetting something that I will need for the race. True, in most cases I can buy what any of us would need, but still, I'm nervous about the whole trying to 'get it all together' thing.

  4. I'm way back in a farther corral than the people I have trained with and that I know are going. Realistically, 2:15 would be a PR for me. So going into any corral close to the start really isn't realistic and I know could backfire and cause me to go out too fast. But the thoughts of being alone, in a different corral before the race doesn't sound like what I really want to do either.

  5. Lastly there is the weather. Issac is possibly making his approach. I'm not worried about running in the rain for the race.  But I don't want it to rain the entire time we are there with trying to keep Lil Man occupied.

Basically, I'm just starting to get nervous. I do this before every race (no matter how big or small). At some point, the nerves appear.

Before the major nerves made their appearance today, I ran for the first time with my Knuckle Lights. I think I'm going to like them. I can't use a headlamp. It gives me a headache and feels too awkward. It took me a few minutes to get used to the lights today, but I think I will like them ok. I'm still not a fan of running in the dark. But with the longer runs, and the lack of time, running in the dark is my only option other than the treadmill.

I ran 6 miles with negative splits. This may have been my first time to do this. If not, it hasn't happened very often. Mile 1 ~ 10:42, Mile 2 ~ 10:34, Mile 3 ~ 10:23, Mile 4 ~ 10:09, Mile 5 ~ 9:50, Mile 6 ~ 9:25.   I almost didn't get up today. I'm really glad that I did.

Rest day tomorrow (0ther than yoga). 8 miler on the schedule for Friday.


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