7 Miler

I had intended on getting up at 5.... but..... after a restless night (due to Hubby's snoring), I pushed the alarm back to 5:20. I knew I was going to be pushing it time wise.

This was supposed to be an 'easy' 7 miler. As I started running, I knew that I was going to have to push the pace to get back on time so Hubby could leave for work. So much for an 'easy' run.

I started out in the mid 10:00s, and had a couple of miles around 10:30, but realized I was going to have to push it harder than that if I was going to make it back home on time.

Increased paced combined with eating the wrong foods, at around mile 5 (just two miles short of completing this run), I knew I needed a bathroom. I debated about skipping it and just trying to finish out the two miles. Then my brain kicked in and said 'really, it would be wise to stop'. Thankfully a Sheetz was my salvation as I tried to casually walk to the bathroom. You know that walk that you are trying to act all 'cool' when in fact you want to literally bust through the door and scream RESTROOM STAT.

I text Hubby to let him know I that I was going to be late. I must say the last two miles were at a decent pace (for me). {9:38 and 9:09 respectively}. I was trying my best to get back as close to the time that I had said I would be back.

It was beautiful out today. NO humidity for a change which felt great. Temps were in the lower 60's. It was perfect running weather. I'm glad I got out this early am and got this in.

Very nice mid week run.


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