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Yoga - It Really Does Make A Difference

Not me ;) 
Soooooo.. for awhile I had been pretty faithful to do yoga at least once a week. I've really been enjoying the Hot Yoga class at The Yoga Quota (no affiliation, simply just giving her a shout out as I really like the class)

But as life would have it, life got in the way.  First we went on our long trip to get Miles, then Lil Man's birthday, family visiting and the list goes on an one. So, I've missed about 3 weeks of yoga. And my body is paying the price. For a week now I've been dealing with a nagging IT/quad something that's yelling at me. My hips and lower back are super tight. And don't even get me started on my hamstrings and calves. I'm sure my upper body is equally unhappy that I've missed yoga.

When I was doing yoga regularly, I could honestly see and feel the difference in how my joints and muscles felt. If I had any doubt before, I'm definitely a believer now! I plan to get back to the studio as soon as I can!

But, there are also a lot of videos that I can do at home if I can't make it to a class. I really like the Fiji McAlpine for Runners. (a simple google search will get you several different videos to chose from like pre workout yoga, post workout yoga, injury prevention and the list goes on an on. ) A friend recommended it (View From The Back Of The Back), and it's been a great recommendation.

I like this injury prevention one and I often combine it with others if I have time.
(Video Source

I'm injury prone for several reasons - some of my own doing - some well because it's just the way that I'm made. But, I do believe that yoga was really helping to keep me injury free. And I don't think it's a coincidence that I stopped yoga, and now I'm dealing with some upper thigh / hip pain. 

Yoga gave me a chance to slow down, helped improve my balance, and helped with injuries. It was the first thing that I dropped from my routine when life got too busy. I see now - that was a mistake! 

How about you? Do you practice yoga regularly? Do you prefer one style over another? 

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  1. I am in complete agreement with you! I did yoga today for the first time in 3 weeks and it was so much tougher! It's something that I really need to take time to practice more often than once a week!

    1. I hear ya on that... I know when I start back what was once easy won't be so easy now!

  2. Yes!! I love yoga... I was doing 15-20 mins every day early in the year and stopped due to some pregnancy injury issues. I need to try to work back up to it. I find it key to not loosing my mind with the kiddos!

    1. I agree! Usually when I do it at home though, Lil Man does it with me ...


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