Trails, Dogs And Falls

So, as you know, we got Miles, our little puppy (Ya'll Meet Miles) a couple of weeks ago. We are in full blown house training (can we say pee and poop!).

But he also requires a lot of exercise (which we knew), and I took him out on the trail for the first time last Friday.

At first he was hesitant, but when we turned to come back the way we came, he turned on his jets. As in, he was running way faster that I am used to on the trail.

It was fun... and then I bit it.. and bit it hard. Yep, 2 tenths of a mile from the car, I fell. Thankfully I held on to the leash (He's still learning to come when he's called). And he immediately stopped once I fell. I felt my right foot pull (in the arch). Saw the mud and a little blood on my pants, and they ripped. Grrr... these pants made it through the (It was Bound to Happen) but didn't fare so well this go around. 

A few days later, my knee still hurts, but thankfully it wasn't as bad as my last fall! 

So when we got back to the car, he wouldn't take another stop. SERIOUSLY.. not another step. I'm curious to see how he does the next time we go out. Because once we got to the car, I realized that he picked up the pace so he could get back to the car. 

And before I left the parking lot, he was already asleep. 

It was fun trail running with him (other than the fall). I look forward to future runs as we work out the kinks of learning to run with each other. 

So tell me, do any of you run with your dog(s)? 

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