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Humdinger Trail Race Recap

Since I've been dealing with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (Injured Again), I've only been able to run flat shorter runs. So I was pretty nervous going into the Humdinger. I knew that I was really under-trained for this race.

At mile 5 when my calves started cramping, I was feeling that my longest run had been 3 very flat miles.
But for me, one thing that I love about trail races it that I don't look at my pace. I wear my garmin for distance, and I glance at it occasionally so that I will have how far I've gone (or how much farther I have to go). But pace (for me) isn't a factor. It's the pure satisfaction of the challenge and finishing.

Personally (since I hadn't trained) the course wasn't the easiest with lots of climbs and lots of descents. I'm not a fan of steep descents, and the first one I had a lot (like a lot) of people pass me. I wound up going down it by sliding down on my hands, feet and booty.

The trail was interesting as it was constantly changing. It felt like we were either going up or down. 

My least favorite part of the race was the final section. We had a stream crossing, then back again, and back over again. I took a wrong turn. I don't know how many times I sludged through the mud, but I was over that stream by 3rd time I crossed it. 

Through a building, then an obstacle course (yet, we had to choose a ladder, rope ladder, rope or rock wall) before we went through the tire obstacle and then the finish. 

I finished at 1:46:23 (give or take). 

Once again, I didn't even give the clock any consideration. I was just happy to finish! 

I love the medal! 

Beer and chili were waiting for us at the finish. I gave Hubby my beer (I did sneak a few sips hoping it would help with the pain in my body ha).

Then we went to the Old Forge Brewing Company where I enjoyed a nice juicy burger. I ended the night with a pint of Ben and Jerry's :)

My everything hurts - even my biceps! My foot tolerated the race ok. I do have some pain and swelling. I've got to start training for Rothrock, but I'm hoping with adequate rest between workouts that my foot will tolerate it ok.

Time will tell.

It was a great day to see some familiar faces, and it was the first race in a long time that Hubby and Lil Man attended.

It was awesome knowing that they (along with Miles) would be waiting for me at the finish.

Muddy, tired and smiling... the perfect ending to a great trail race... 

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