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Why You Should Capture The Moment

School is finally over, and on a whim I decided to take Lil Man to the beach. At first I was only going to do a day trip. (We are about 4 hours from the beach). But then I found a decent priced hotel, and Hubby and I decided we should stay a night or two. Then the weather drastically changed. Our sunny forecast turned into flood watches and warnings... for real!

I called the hotel and I think they thought I wanted to cancel. Instead, I added an additional night. Say what?!? Yep, I decided our travel day (which was to be our day on the beach) would be our rainy shopping day. And by adding another day that gave us one possibly 2 more beach days. The forecast was sketchy for the additional day that I added.

We arrived. It was cold. It was rainy, and we were loving every minute of it.

The following day was our sunny beach day. In fact, both days turned out to be awesome beach days. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable trip (although we really did miss Hubby.. but work duties just couldn't allow him to be able to join us).

Lil Man and I are both early birds and we were on the beach by 7am each day. And one morning I couldn't help but notice this mom, her what I assumed to be husband, and three kids. As she was barking orders at her husband
(I immediately heard myself and I felt an inward groan. I don't mean to bark orders. I really don't. I'm usually just trying to get stuff done and he's usually moving slower than I'd like for him to). She was trying to get some pictures of the kids, and of her holding the baby. But instead of capturing the moment, she was trying to create it. Wow, that hit me hard... like a slap in the face, cold water wake up call hard.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as she barked at her husband now, take it now as she held the baby and tried to smile to capture the moment. (How many times have I done that? Too many to count... sigh) As Lil Man and I went down the water, I glanced over and saw her trying to take pictures of her older kids standing not far from the water as the waves rolled by. The little girl, her head half turned more interested in the waves than the camera, while the frustrated mom insisted she look and smile. I watched as she turned her head with a fake little smile on her face as her mom took the pic. At this point, Lil Man needed my attention and we ran off to play in the waves. I didn't see this family anymore, but I feel that we crossed paths for a reason.

I am in NO WAY judging this lady. But because of her, I got a glimpse into myself. I have been and am often still this lady.. trying to CREATE the moment instead of CAPTURE it. Because I need it to be a certain way that I keep working to make it how I think it should be... and not just pictures people.. but life... talk about a major wow moment for me.

But for some reason on this trip, I went into it with the idea of it is what it is and we are going to just enjoy it. I snapped pictures as they happened. I didn't fixate on my crazy windy hair, my gut or anything else that I may have had going on. I simply just snapped pictures to ENJOY and CAPTURE the moment.... not create it. And I have to say that these pictures are precious to me because they truly did capture the moment.. the non perfect light, angles and everything else along with it. They captured us just being us.

On our last day there, I did ask Lil Man to take a pic of me along the beach because I wanted one picture of me on the beach before we left. I also took some of him, and then I took a couple of selfies.

This gentleman walked over and said, I can't help but tear up watching you two. It reminds me of when I used to go to the beach with my mom. Would it be ok if I took a picture of you two together for you? I of course let him take our picture smiling out of joy and happiness and not a care in the world about my crazy hair that was all over the place.

He then handed my camera back and told Lil Man that he would cherish these memories forever, and that his mom would always be his best friend. He smiled, wished us well, and then turned to walk back to where he was sitting.

Soon after, Lil Man and I said goodbye to Rehoboth Beach and started our journey home. I somehow made a wrong turn and got lost, and then a little more lost... half an hour later and one caramel macchiato I was in desperate need of a bathroom.

Out of the corner of my eye, on this country road, I saw a portapotty. We parked in the parking area and I looked up and saw this massive playground. Normally, I'd say we didn't have time. We were already much later than I had thought we would be because I got lost. I needed things to go a certain way. Instead, we stayed at the playground for a little while and he played.

And I captured the moment.

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