Feeling the Need for Speed - Track Work 6 x 400's

The alarm was set for 4:40am, but I got up before it went off. I'm just programmed that way. I  hardly ever hear the alarm clock no matter what time it's set. It was a humid foggy morning. I hadn't decided if I'd do 400's or 800's but my running friends who joined me were doing 400's. So I decided to stick with 400's. Breathing was not easy, but I pushed through. I kept my pace below an 8 minute mile which was pretty decent for me. I wound up doing 6 x 400's. My splits were 1:59:62, 1:55:03, 1:51:38, 1:52:08, 1:58:95 and 1:55:85. I haven't wheezed that bad in a long time. And I have to say that it felt great. I've never been on a track until this year. I think I like it.

That was yesterday's workout. Today involved hills, and lots of them. My legs were heavy and tired. I could definitely feel the workout from yesterday. My goal was 6 miles. I rolled out of bed today, put on my running gear and headed out the door before Lil Man work up. My pace was slower than I had wanted, but I pushed myself. So overall I'm pleased with the run. I wound up with a 10:30 average pace for the 6 miles. I'm not used to running with the humidity and higher temps (already in the 60's by the time I got started). Factor in the tired legs (which I'm also not used to running on) and I suppose a 10:30 pace wasn't that bad.

I got home in time to see Hubby off to work. Changed out of my sweaty clothes into more gym clothes. Got Lil Man dressed and out the door we went. He had speech today. And I've found that taking him to the gym for an hour or so to play helps him focus more during his speech lesson. So he played for an hour, and I did the Body Blast class.

So I got in a 2 hour work out today. I am very blessed that I have a Hubby that helps me with my running schedule. And I'm also blessed to be able to go to a gym that has a good Child care system and great classes.

So far so good with this week's workouts. I have a feeling I'm really going to feel the body blast class along with the hills I did today.


  1. Nice workouts this week and how awesome are you! I am too lazy to get up that early :) Are you running another marathon this year?

    1. I'm registered for a local one this November with the option to defer. :) My son will start preschool this Sept, and I'm worried that both he and I will be sick alot. And that will be in the 'heart' of the training with the mileage ramping up. But if I can get through training, I do plan to do another one this year.


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