Zumba, Plank challenge, Boot camp, Running oh my! Fitness Friday 5/10/2013

Zumba, plank challenge, boot camp, running oh my! So far, it's been a good 'fitness' week this week. I tried Zumba on Monday. If you haven't read the post, it's probably worth your time to go read it. Let's just say, I'm not known for my coordination.  (I Zigged When They Zagged)  

I also did a Boot Camp class on Monday. Tuesday was speed work. Wednesday was Cardio/Core. Thursday was my Push Through run. And this weekend it's my long run. It looks like the weather might not cooperate tomorrow. So I'm not sure if I'll run in the rain or wait until Sunday. Time will tell. 

I have a Half approaching (much faster than I'd like to face the reality that it's so close). So there isn't any time to slack off that's for sure.

Hope Fitness Friday everyone! How is your week shaping up?


  1. my week is shaping up pretty nicely. should be hitting 80 miles total this week getting me ready before hitting a couple more long run weeks then marathon time!

    1. Nice job! I did get my LR in today in the pouring rain. But 10 miles done :) I' A LONG way from 80 miles though!


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