I Have A Confession To Make About My Weight

I have a confession to make.... and it's definitely one that I'm not proud of. I thought that maybe going 'silent' would mean that I didn't have to deal with it. But that's not the reality.

I've been eating my emotions.. ALL of my emotions. I'm happy - I eat. I'm sad - I eat. I'm angry - I eat. I'm stressed - I eat. I'm bored - I eat. And well, you get the picture.

I stepped on the scale at the gym... defeated doesn't even begin to explain how I felt. I knew. My clothes told me. I didn't need 'a scale' to tell me. I knew. I kept saying that I was just 'bloated' or this or that. But the cold hard reality is no... I've gained more weight and slipped back into the all or nothing mentality.

When I got injured from the dog (When the Unexpected Happens) all exercise basically stopped. I was upset in a lot of areas in my life, and I turned to food for comfort. Add a lot of traveling this Summer (think fast food while on the road and awesome homemade meals cooked by my Momma) ..... let's just say my clothes were tighter when I got home than before I left.

And before I left I had a horrible
crying moment when I went to put on shorts from last year and they wouldn't even begin to fasten.

Yes I documented. Why? Because I want to remember! I don't want to push this away and say oh well.. it happens and I'm ok with it. Guess I'll just donate some more clothes! Because for me, I'm not ok with this. This is NOT healthy for me - physically or mentally. I'm ashamed of the condition that I've allowed my emotional eating to get so out of control. These pants FIT me last year.

The thing is.. I know WHAT to do. I really do. And for me it's not counting calories or drinking nutritional shakes or eliminating this and that from my life. I believe I know what needs to be done - it's just executing it and putting it into action.

I wrote a post back in April, and I truly believe this is the key to me finding happiness with my nutrition (Eating Guilt Free)

Step 1 - BELIEVE. And for me this is often the hardest step because I am often so unsure of myself.

But I'm going to put the fear of failure behind me, step forward and become The Woman I Know I Can Be

I know a couple of people who believe in Intuitive Eating. (amazon affiliate link). If anyone has any feedback on Intuitive Eating, I'd love to hear it.

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