Why I Am No Longer Pushing My Body To The Breaking Point

There was a point in my life that I pushed my body to see what it could do. I ultimately broke myself mentally and physically in the process. I got so obsessed with training goals that I pushed through injuries and ignored the blaring signs of burn out. I became fixated on “race weight” resulting in severe calorie restriction while over training which led to bingeing and over eating because I was unable to stay within the guidelines leading to weight gain and disordered eating that I am still currently dealing with.

I felt like a constant failure. It was a very very dark time for me. And for awhile I lost my way. Then
I began to find myself through trail running. (Becoming The Woman I Am Meant To Be) (Facing Fear One Step At A Time)

I found my love for running again, and I felt my priorities shift. I no longer needed to race to feel like I was a runner. (You Don't Have To Race To Be A Runner)

And I’ve moved from pushing my body to the breaking point to see what it could do, to pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to try new things, to make health a priority, and to be the overall healthiest strongest version of myself. Truly this includes many areas of my life - all a work in progress.

I have signed up for a virtual 10K through Gixo. I feel that this is a step in the right direction to find a balance between the obsessed woman who felt the need to PR every race and the woman who feels anxious about training / racing again. It’s a push out of my comfort zone - a step toward health.

The classes are fun and challenging. I don't feel that the training plan is rigid, and I think it will easily fit into my life.

It's time to move on to the next chapter...

Come along with me...


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