Why I'm Weighing In

It's no secret that nutrition has been my struggle for several years now. As I type this I'm in the trenches of giving up sugar for 14 days (I'm Giving Up Sugar For 14 Days). I'm also doing a weight loss challenge with less than a week to go.

The reason I am weighing in is because I'm experimenting to see if I have maybe found what works for me in regards to losing weight and then hopefully maintaining.

So far, I've lost 7lbs since January 1. I'm
not quite ready to reveal just how yet because I want to make sure that it isn't a fluke. I think I have found what works for me, but I want to make sure before I put it out there.

But for years now, more than one doctor has harped on me about my weight. I don't feel that anyone should be a slave to the scale. I don't. I think you should feel good in your own skin regardless of that number.

But my reality was ... I didn't feel good in my own skin. I felt bad.... not just in how I perceived how I might look.....but health wise I felt bad. My blood pressure had crept up again to the point that the doctors were giving me stern warnings. My feet ache from the arthritis, and I know the additional weight doesn't help. Basically, for me, my weight had crept to 131 which put me at overweight, and well whether I want to admit it or not... unhealthy.

So at my last dr visit the last week in December, after seeing the number on the scale, and the doctors truly concerned about my blood pressure and other health issues that were creeping up, I knew that it was really time that I made some changes for my health.

So here I am..... and I'm weighing in daily (NO, not in an obsessed kind of way which I admit I have done in the past). No, I'm weighing in daily to see how my body weight fluctuates daily. I've become my own human guinea pig, and I'm experimenting with various things to see what works and what doesn't work.

And well, I have to say it's been kindof fun. I know right?!? But it's been fun to find some answers (hopefully) for myself.

Don't worry, I'll clue you in. I just want to make sure that this 7lb weight loss isn't a fluke, and that it continues. And that I have really found something that works for me to get back to a healthy weight range. And maybe it might work for anyone else who has also struggled with weight issues...

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  1. I'm intrigued :) looking forward to hearing more details!

  2. This blog was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which
    helped me. Thank you!


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