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8 Tips To Keep You Running In The Winter

Finally we have been getting a little snow here and there in Pennsylvania. I run year round, but Winter running does require a little more thought sometimes.

Here are 8 Winter Running Tips to help you with your winter running.

1 - Wear Layers
It's much easier to remove layers if you warm up. I try to use fabrics that whisk away moisture. In other words, you don't want to layer other clothing over a cotton t-shirt because as you sweat the cotton shirt will hold the moisture against your body. I usually look for labels that specify 'cold gear' for those below freezing runs. It's also a good idea to have different thicknesses of gear depending on how cool or cold the temperatures will be.

Skirt Sports (affiliate link) has a variety of great gear to choose from.

2 - Wear A Hat 
You can lose a lot of body heat from your head. Wearing a hat will help you stay warmer.

Also, balaclavas are nice. Sometimes it can hurt breathing in the cold air, and this helps keep that from happening.

3. Gloves
I usually wear usually 2 pair - and hand warmers if it's frigid out. My hands are always freezing. So I'm always usually double gloved. And I have been known to put hand warmers in my gloves also. They really help. Since my Hubby is a hunter, he usually always has some hand warmers around somewhere. Speaking of hand warmers, sometimes I'll put them in my calf sleeves to help my muscles warm up if it's super cold out.

4 - Give Yourself More Time
Realize that it's going to take more time to put on all of the layers needed to stay warm. And, if you are driving to a location, give yourself time to de-ice the car.

5 - Hydrate
People tend to forget that you still need to hydrate in the winter. It might not feel like you are sweating like you do in warmer weather, but trust me you are. So make sure that you are hydrating.

6 - Be Flexible
If the weather just isn't cooperating, swapping your workouts may be the best and safest way to go. If the temperatures are just too cold, or if the conditions just aren't safe for speed workouts, swapping it for an easier run would be an option.

7 - Yaktrax or Screw Shoes
I prefer my yaktrax. (For a review click here) But before I got a pair of yaktrax, I used screw shoes. I do find in the snow/ice that they really do help with the traction.

Image Source 
Last but not least, 8 When Running With A Jogging Stroller
Make sure that the road conditions are safe before you even begin your run. If you think it's icy, or if you could put your child or yourself in danger, stay home. Also, be aware of weather conditions. You don't want to get caught unaware in bad weather. And having a backup plan in case you run into any issues is also a good idea in addition to having your cell phone nearby. Keep in mind that sitting in a stroller with the wind hitting you will be colder than pushing the stroller. So dress your child in layers - hat and gloves are a must in addition to sunglasses. The glare from snow can be very bright. So eye protection (for both you) is important. I suggest stashing extra layers in the stroller just in case - along with a change of clothes in case of an 'accident'. And don't forget that little ones need to hydrate also.

Running in the winter can be challenging, but it can be a lot of fun too. It sometimes just takes a little preparation. Don't let the cold keep you and your little running partners indoors - instead embrace it and let the cold invigorate you.

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