Making Goals A Priority

I know you've been sitting there holding your breath wondering what my goals are that I've been talking about lately on various social media posts. I watched the Velveteen rabbit with Lil Man (can you believe I'd never watched it. I'm sure I read the book, but I don't remember).

Anyway, there was a quote that really stood out with me.

I jotted it down quickly in my phone notes because I didn't want to forget it. 

See, I let fear stop me a lot.. and I mean a lot. And I let others' opinions often stop me from trying. 

What if they are right? What if I fail? So a lot of times, I don't even try which leads to having very low self confidence in myself. That being said, I've been feeling a burning desire in my gut to really follow my dreams in a lot of areas in my life and see what happens. 
One of those areas is blogging and social media. Because I don't often feel the support of others, I've allowed myself to squash those dreams for a really long time. And I'm not happy about that decision. And I don't want to go through my life not knowing what could have happened if I'd really just thrown my heart into it. So, here I go.

Next is weight training / strength training - for awhile I've wanted to really stick with a program to see what would happen... but... what if the scale really goes up? What if I work hard and I don't really see results?  This is something that I feel like I do totally on my own, and I don't really enjoy doing it by myself. What if I'm doing the exercises wrong? What if I look stupid trying to lift weights when I feel so inadequate? Well I want to see what happens. I want to give it 6 months to a year where I lift consistently. I want to find a program and stick with it. I'm searching. If anyone has any that they recommend please let me know. Right now I'm looking at Bodyspace (Free Strength Training Workout Plans). I'm putting my fears away and putting my heart into it. So, here I go

The next goal is to work on reducing stress and being mentally healthier. This goal requires me to dig deep and be brutally honest with myself. Sometimes pulling back the layers to get to the root cause is what's needed. It's not pretty, but it's often necessary. So I plan to peel back the layers inside myself to become a healthier less stressed more in control version of me. So, here I go. 

I would like to see my running improve. I don't plan to focus on time or distance as much as consistency. I would like to see my mileage increase (safely and slowly). I plan to run with Miles, run with friends, and run solo. I plan to work on being consistent. So, here I go

Nutrition - well all know that's been a struggle for awhile. I feel it will always be some sort of work in progress. But I am also throwing my heart into it to be the best version of me that I can be. Do I plan to eat ice cream? Well duh... yeah I do. But I'm working on finding the moderation that works for me. I know that the road is a tough one. I know it isn't easy. But I know that it's one I need to travel. And I can't let fear stop me. So, here I go. 

"Don't be afraid. Throw your heart into it and the rest will follow" The Velveteen Rabbit 

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