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Fashletics Fitness JewelryIf you've been following, then you know I'm injured. And people are getting on my nerves giving  me a little grief for 'not resting enough.' So, let me just put a few facts out there.

I had zero, zilch, none, absolutely no cardio for 4 weeks, where I then took a 15 minute leisure walk. I then gradually increased the speed and time until I was power walking 30 minutes 3 times a week with a rest day in between. I then started incorporating short runs (started with 5 minutes, then 10, then 15 and have plateaued at a 20 minute run, 10 minute walk) with a total time of 30 minutes. It has taken me 3 weeks after my 4 weeks off to work my way up to a 2 mile run. I felt minimal pain (maybe a 2 on the pain scale) and will stay at 2 miles for another run or so to see how I feel.

But as we were out on a family drive this weekend, I realized
that I needed some River Therapy, even if that meant going for a leisure walk. I just needed to get back out there, even if I don't really feel apart of anything at the moment. I needed to get back out there on the River Front.

So today, I drove to City Island hoping for a 2 mile run (my first outside run - my first run in the cold). The view was breathtaking.

I'll admit that I was a little nervous. I popped a total of 9 Advil yesterday for the hip pain. I didn't have any pre-run today as I don't like to take anything before a run, but I wasn't sure what to expect. 

I leisure walked 10 minutes and once I passed the bridge I started running. 

It felt ok. My hip was bugging me a little, and once I had a twinge go up my back so I know that things are definitely not lined up the way they should be. 

But I tried my best to go by feel. If I felt discomfort I backed off on the pace. Around 1.5 miles I was starting to feel the hamstring. The pain never got above a 2 level and I tried to just listen to my body. I wound up with negative splits :) Mile 1 was 10:09 and mile 2 was 9:58. 

Tomorrow will be a better indicator of if I overdid it. But today, well today, mentally I needed to get out there. I needed some time to think, pray, and take in nature. I needed some River Therapy - Running Style. 

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  1. Your smile tells it all! I'm so glad you were able to get out and get it done!

    1. Thank you... minimal discomfort at the moment.. so maybe if I keep it at slow pace, low mileage I can at least get out there and get a few workouts in! I definitely needed today.

  2. I am sure it felt great to get out there and I hope that you feel ok afterwards! I don't know much about your injury but do you know what is wrong? I know you mentioned your hip, back, and hamstring so I was just wondering what happened. It sounds like you were really smart about easing your way back into running!

    1. Probably high hamstring tendinopathy with a severely rotated pelvis... but the PT exercises and the manual manipulation has caused more issues than what I went in with :( (entrapped a nerve, lots of hip pain etc).. I want it back to it's original state cause it wasn't bugging me then (ha). Anyway, I'm about finished with PT as I'm dealing with more issues instead of less with trying to resolve the issue.

  3. Great for you!! It feels so good to just be able to do it- even if you have to be overly cautious.
    I hope that all pain disappears soon and you can continue progressing, Amy!

    1. Thank you... yes... I think of my injuries this one has by far taken the longest to heal!


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