Physical Therapy What A Ride

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Ok,, let me start off by saying, I didn't want to go to Physical Therapy. I put it off for as long as I could. I was injured back in September (or earlier) and kept running through it. The 2 Medals In 1 Weekend didn't help - not because of the distance, but because I pushed hard in both races.

And then a couple of weeks later, I did a 5K, 10K one day, and then a 10K the next. And honestly, that's what did me in. The 5K and 10K were fun, but it was hills, big hills, and I ran hard in both races. The Great Race the next day also contained some 'push it super hard' moments'. And I was left limping. In fact, I was limping before I ran The Great Race. So yeah, I was definitely injured the end of September and ran through pain. 

Fast forward to December where I broke down and went to Physical Therapy. It's been one of those 'this feels better - but this feels worse' kind of things.

Trying to get my pelvis realigned has caused other issues. My last manual manipulation on Friday left me hurting pretty bad - to the point that I almost went back - but I didn't. I thought maybe the pain was just because of having the adjustment done.

But unfortunately the burning sensation continued. We had icy roads on Monday, and I couldn't go back. So on Wednesday I finally had my PT appointment - nerve entrapment (hence the burning).

After doing several hands on manipulations trying to resolve the problem, the PT says "At first this is going to tickle. Then it's probably going to hurt really bad" as he dug his fingers into my abdomen. It actually helped. Most of the burning is gone. I'm having some issues now back on the right side where the hamstring attaches. It's giving me a little pain. But thankfully the constant bad burning sensation seems to be gone - for now. It comes and goes.

I go back tomorrow, and I plan to talk to them about - well - my plan. I would like to be re-measured to see just how much alignment is off at this point.

On a positive note, the hamstring is some better! Honestly though, I'm thinking 3-4 solid weeks off from running did the trick, but I'm sure it's a combination of it all.

Monday consisted of a 1 mile run. Wednesday consisted of a 1.5 mile run. Tomorrow (as long as I am pain free) will be a 2 mile run. We shall see. This has definitely been a journey!

Let's hope I'm on the road to recovery! Enough is enough already with this injury!

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  1. That sounds really frustrating! I have never had an adjustment that led to further pain but Im sure i would be concerned! Hope that you continue to recover and can be back to your regular running soon!

    1. Thank you... it's totally been frustrating for sure! Hoping I get some better answers when I go back tomorrow!


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