Injuries Happen - Physical Therapy Update

Injuries happen - but my PT and I discussed that 4 years in a row is way too much. So it's time to address the underlying issue for the recurring injuries.

And the truth is, it's going to be a LONG slow process for recovery. My PT is being very cautious. In fact, I'm only approved to do my PT exercises... and for me...
well that has been a mental struggle. But I started with 6 PT cards, and in two weeks I have moved up to 12. So there are 12 specific exercises that I'm to do twice a day. It's a lot of hip/core work. And honestly, it does take a little chunk of my time to do them.

As I was begging pleading with my PT on Friday to let me please workout, he said something that was a little bit of an aha moment for me... he said this (referring to my PT cards) is your workout.

And I was like, you know, that's right. It isn't running. It isn't spin class. It isn't leaving the gym soaked in sweat. It isn't an hour of yoga, or strength training, but it is my workout. This is my present which corresponded with my Devotions book about being in the present moment and putting your focus on the moment that you are in.

I know that I might miss the entire Spring racing season. In fact, I may or may not be able to 'race' much this year. But this is my journey... and today's journey was a much cherished 15 minute power walk on the treadmill in addition to my PT cards. 

So, do you have a hard time staying 'in the moment' or are you constantly trying to look at end result? 

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  1. Sorry to hear about your injuries. It can be so hard when something that can't be helped gets in the way of things we love. I love how passionate you are about working out, I hope to have that much passion again soon. I do have trouble staying in the moment, I am always wanting to see the end result before even getting started.

  2. Similar to you, I am always looking at the end result and have a hard time focusing on the now. I think your trainer had a great point that right now, your PT cards are your workout. I know for me that would give me the little bit of extra motivation to focus on that, instead of when I will be able to spin/run/etc again. Good luck with the rest of your PT, I hope it goes smoothly and eventually you will get to that end result you desire!

  3. After several years of nagging injuries, I knew I needed to change what I was doing. I looked at a couple of options and ended up with my coach Becky, who is also a corrective exercise specialist. She has been focusing on glutes and hamstrings for the past year. I've noticed a big change in my running since then!

  4. I really love that quote, it speaks miles and is so inspirational. Hope you recover soon, I really love your drive and passion to get back to working out and doing what you love. But physical therapy is what will really make you feel better and better in the long run. It is just so important to love the journey as well as the finish line result I believe.

  5. I am terrible for looking straight ahead, over all obstacles and reaching the finishing line. I remember not being able to run when I was younger because of work constraints at the time and it drove me crazy. I hope you recover properly, I'm glad your PT is strict with you!!

  6. Fours years of injury and PT would drive me batty. I think it's hard to be at a standstill or slow down, especially when you are close to a goal. However, your body does let you know when it is time to recharge and recuperate. It's a hard pill to swallow, but it has to be done. I remember I had awful back spasms and pain that kept me from exercising. I tried to push it too early and reignited the pain all over again. It's just best to give your body time to fully heal. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  7. I think I would go kinda crazy and get annoyed if I had four years of PT. However, gotta do whatcha gotta do. When I hurt my elbow last March, slipped and fractured my elbow, it was a huge pain being that it was the hand i write with and everything. But with a lot of patience and working slowly with it, I have my strength back for the most part.

  8. I definitely have a hard time staying in the moment! Hang in there--- just keep thinking that if you want to run for the rest of your life, it's more important to take the recovery time now. That's what's gotten me through the aggravation of not being able to run during injury. Crossing my fingers for you that the PT helps and you are back at it sooner than later! :-)

  9. Oh no i'm so sorry to hear that you are hurt. But I agree it is more important to get completely healed just to prevent further damage that can get done. I remember being told I could not run a couple years back and it just broke my heart but it didn't take long before I was back on my feet.

  10. That was too bad! But I agree with your PT. You have to follow his advice, especially with regard to your physiological condition. It won’t help if you proceed on working out while your feet badly needed to rest. You might miss running, but it’s certainly for the better, at least for now.

    Ramona Walters @ OMNI Clinic


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