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My Thoughts On The Rad Dog Release N Run Leash

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a Release N Run Leash for free from Rad Dog in consideration for a gear review. All opinions are mine and honest in nature

If you've been anywhere near me, then you know that Miles is a huge part of our lives. If you haven't met Miles, here is a picture of him when he was just a baby pup. Miles is a Mountain Cur.

Now, he will be 2 in December, and he's still just as adorable. He thinks he's a huge lap dog. He loves to lay on the back of the couch. It's ridiculous, but we love him.

He is my running buddy, but he's also Hubby's hunting dog. This means that he's outside a lot. When I run with him, he's usually on a leash. When he's with Hubby, he's usually off leash once they are in a safe place away from traffic. Hubby uses a tracking collar, but he needs a leash when they get near roads, or when he needs to make sure that he stays out of certain areas.

I wish we would have had the Release N Run l…

Day 6 Of Overcoming Sugar Addiction

And here we are at Day 6. Today has been one of life's stress days - nothing major - just normal every day life. You know.. like being out of certain things that I didn't know we were out of.... dirty dishes, laundry, attitudes.. you know.. just the little life stressors that often sends me reaching for chocolate.

But the reality is, eating a snicker isn't going to magically put chicken breasts in my frig that I needed today. It's not going to fold all of the laundry, clean the floors, clean the kitchen, make lunch or anything else that I was stressing over. And that temporary moment of pleasure won't last. In fact, it creates a pattern that I've been struggling to get rid of. So, no I didn't eat the snickers or any other junk food. I wasn't hungry. I was stressed.

So I put on some spa / nature / relaxing music from Pandora as I tackled a pile full of laundry. I slowed my breathing, and took a moment to be in the moment.

So today hasn't been so much about cravings as it's been about habitual behavior.

I'm not sure that I've noticed any physical withdrawal cravings today. Instead, it's just been changing my behaviors and making healthy substitutes.

Again, if I'm hungry for something sweet, I'm choosing fruit and pairing it with protein. Sometimes I'll add a small carb depending on how bad the craving is.

If I'm bored and just wanting to eat out of boredom, I'm distracting myself with reading, music, coloring, or taking a walk.

If I'm eating because of stress, I'm taking a moment to take a deep breath, listen to some relaxing music, take a bubble bath - doing whatever is feasible at the time.

I think the key for me is making a detailed plan and realizing that my behaviors need to change.

Day 6 is complete - on to day 7!

I feel like a new woman - I didn't think I had the strength to do it. But you knew that I did. I truly can't thank you enough!

Writing is one of my passions, and I'm stepping out there on faith to follow my dream. If you like this blog or this post, please take a moment to share it with friends.

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