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How I Am Incorporating Alert Caffeine Gum Into My Fitness Routine

Thank you Alert Caffeine Gum for sponsoring this post. All opinions and experiences are my own.

Anyone else struggling with getting back into a routine after being off for the holidays? I know I have. Add in that Lil Man was sick an entire week before Christmas and daily naps became the norm, I'm really struggling to make it through a normal day.

Although we haven't gone back to school yet, Hubby is back to work. And that means if I want to get in a workout or at least one without company and interruptions, I have to get up early and workout before Hubby goes to work. And the rest of the day is the usual go go go.

Thankfully I've had the opportunity to try Alert Caffeine Gum. 1 piece of Alert Gum is about the equivalent of a half a cup of coffee. (And for me that means no jitters). It's just enough ooomph to give me the boost that I need.

Feeling The Squeeze - Compression Sleeves

Yesterday was my first run in 11 days....11 days.... and it felt... well... great to be moving... still tender.. not totally well....stopped and stretched a few times... still can't pinpoint the exact sore spot... but finished a 3 mile treadmill run. And I can walk today for the most part without pain.

I bought a compression thigh sleeve from Zensah and it helped. After I ran, I left it on for recovery. In fact, as I type this I'm wearing it now. I am a firm believer in compression. When I tore my calf earlier this year, I wore compression sleeves/socks a lot, and it really did help. 

I won't run without my calf sleeves. For me, they make a huge difference, and I'm a firm believer in compression since they have worked so well for me. I'm pleased with the thigh sleeve. It did take a little adjusting for me to get it just right. I'm short and the sleeve rested right on the chub rub portion of my thigh, but I was able to get it adjusted. It did stay in place while running. And after a few minutes, I did forget that it was there. But some of my pain seems farther up than the hamstring, more into the buttocks. So, I just ordered a pair of Zensah Compression Shorts

For my love of compression, I've never had true compression shorts. So this will be a first. I'll let you know how I like them. 

What's your take on compression? Are you a fan? 

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(This is NOT a sponsored post, and I am not an affiliate with any particular brand. This is my own observation and my experience.) 

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  1. Thank you for the information, running is always so hard for me but I appreciate the tips and wish you much luck on getting back into the swing of things.


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