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Using An App To Help Me Stay On Path

Hello there you blank beautiful screen. It's been awhile. I took a little time last week to just step back, disconnect, and honestly breathe. I felt myself needing a breather and a moment to adjust to going back to work (part-time), Lil Man going to school full time, soccer and running for him, and just daily life. You know what I mean.

My typical morning is starting to consist of some type of early morning workout, rushing home to get lunches made, making sure I'm back in time so hubby can get to work, grabbing a quick shower, getting Lil Man to the bus stop, finally getting breakfast for me, packing my work bag, getting laundry started, cleaning up the kitchen, taking the dogs in and out and in and out...  and if possible I try to get caught up on email/social media before I head into work.

But I'm back and feeling a little more like I have things under control. I think I'm finding

My Knee Hurts

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So I managed to mess up my knee a little (or I'm hoping it's a little and not a major issue).

After a few days rest, I tested it out yesterday with a treadmill run. I almost stopped at a half mile, but decided to go a little farther. It either loosened up or I got so caught up in the run that I ignored it.

But both of my knees have been a little angry with me. I'm hoping this is just a minor issue, and I can move on.

Since I haven't been able to exercise as much as I wanted, I've been focusing a little more on nutrition. (Or I like to think I am. Some days, I'm just not sure). But I came across some helpful info (Packaged Clean Eating) 

My knees are a little better today. I'm actually considering going out for an afternoon/evening run once Lil Man wakes up from his nap. Scratch that, I just looked outside and it's raining. So maybe I'll either hit the treadmill once Hubby gets home. I actually enjoy running in the rain, but I don't think I want to try pushing the jogger with the rain guard on it. And lately, we've had some afternoon thunderstorms pop up. I don't want to get caught out in one with Lil Man.

But my brain is all mushy from work this afternoon, so I do plan to try to sneak in a short run if nothing else. Too, I want to see how the knees handle it.

Anyone else deal with knee pain? What are your thoughts on running with a knee brace? Does it help or make it worse?


  1. i experience knee pain from time to time. i reduce my activity and/or change up my routine. for me, i have found it best to keep moving (as long as pain doesn't worsen). i switch activities to biking, instead of running or walking … i review all of my exercises and physical activity (am i strengthening my arms, my abs, the muscles that support my knees or example, working on my balance and flexibility and such) … i switch venues, avoiding hills, trying softer surfaces. i rarely turn to pain meds but instead just take it a little easier or change up my routine.


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