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My Knee Hurts

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So I managed to mess up my knee a little (or I'm hoping it's a little and not a major issue).

After a few days rest, I tested it out yesterday with a treadmill run. I almost stopped at a half mile, but decided to go a little farther. It either loosened up or I got so caught up in the run that I ignored it.

But both of my knees have been a little angry with me. I'm hoping this is just a minor issue, and I can move on.

Since I haven't been able to exercise as much as I wanted, I've been focusing a little more on nutrition. (Or I like to think I am. Some days, I'm just not sure). But I came across some helpful info (Packaged Clean Eating) 

My knees are a little better today. I'm actually considering going out for an afternoon/evening run once Lil Man wakes up from his nap. Scratch that, I just looked outside and it's raining. So maybe I'll either hit the treadmill once Hubby gets home. I actually enjoy running in the rain, but I don't think I want to try pushing the jogger with the rain guard on it. And lately, we've had some afternoon thunderstorms pop up. I don't want to get caught out in one with Lil Man.

But my brain is all mushy from work this afternoon, so I do plan to try to sneak in a short run if nothing else. Too, I want to see how the knees handle it.

Anyone else deal with knee pain? What are your thoughts on running with a knee brace? Does it help or make it worse?


  1. i experience knee pain from time to time. i reduce my activity and/or change up my routine. for me, i have found it best to keep moving (as long as pain doesn't worsen). i switch activities to biking, instead of running or walking … i review all of my exercises and physical activity (am i strengthening my arms, my abs, the muscles that support my knees or example, working on my balance and flexibility and such) … i switch venues, avoiding hills, trying softer surfaces. i rarely turn to pain meds but instead just take it a little easier or change up my routine.


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