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At 40, I Finished My First Marathon - Post Race Report

Wow, what a day. I knew it would be an emotional day and it was. At the starting line, I was more calm than nervous (which is REALLY different for me. Most of the time I have the nervous anxiety at the start). But I didn't this time. But as I crossed the starting line, I felt the emotion well up. I was doing this. I was actually running a marathon. I was running with some friends from the River Runners. For the first few miles or so we stayed together. It was fun to chat back and forth. Around 4ish miles we sort of split off and I found myself solo and off and on running with another friend. At 7 miles (the turn off for the half), we walked through the water stop. I looked at her crying and said "I can do this right?". She assured me I could, and to text her around mile 23 and she would meet me. She turned and I went ahead.
Gulp. There was no turning back down. The course was a very hilly course (or very hilly for me). I passed people. They passed me. I walked through t…

Why You Should Use The Time You Have

So, let me set the scene... Hubby was out of town (thank goodness he's back now) for 11 days. It was a LONG 11 days. Lil Man had a cold. I had a cold. We got 2 snow/ice storms. It was basically non-stop chaos. And that meant I had to get creative to get my workout in.

I rarely had a block of 30 minutes or more to get in my workout. But what I was able to find was 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, an occasional 20 minutes sporadically. And I realized, it might not be ideal. I might have an audience and distractions. I might have to jump off of the treadmill a time or two to resolve an issue. BUT 10 minutes is better than zero.

I get asked (and criticized) a lot about just how much I workout. (insert eyeroll). Technically, I don't

Life With Pain - My Arthritis And Hip Update

If you've been anywhere around me then most of you know that 2017 was definitely a rough year for me with injuries and health related things. I spent a lot of the year in physical therapy, and then I was diagnosed with arthritis after being in the boot. (Yes, The Doctor Told Me To)

So how are things now?

Why I'm Weighing In

It's no secret that nutrition has been my struggle for several years now. As I type this I'm in the trenches of giving up sugar for 14 days (I'm Giving Up Sugar For 14 Days). I'm also doing a weight loss challenge with less than a week to go.

The reason I am weighing in is because I'm experimenting to see if I have maybe found what works for me in regards to losing weight and then hopefully maintaining.

So far, I've lost 7lbs since January 1. I'm

My Tips For Giving Up Sugar

If you've ever tried to give up sugar, then you know it's not an easy task. I've done it before, and I'm currently doing it again. When I re-introduced sugar back into my life, moderation became an issue again. I'm hoping this time around to get the moderation part right!

So here are my personal tips for helping myself when giving up sugar.

I Am Giving Up Sugar For 14 Days

I did it before, and I plan to do it again. I'm giving up sugar for the next 14 days. Why? Because when I gave it up last time, I felt amazing! (What Happened After 14 Days Free Of Sugar) I saw TONS of personal health benefits.

And then I re-introduced sugar back into my life. However, moderation became an issue.

So I feel that I need a personal reset. I'm not sure resets even exist. I think it's just become a word that companies have used to convince people they are doing something good for their body. So maybe I need a different word? ha.

But to me, I'm hoping that by eliminating sugary junk food for a couple of weeks that I can

Not 1 But 2 Noxgear Vest Giveaway

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Noxgear. All opinions expressed are my own and honest in nature. Use code AMYGLASSand save 35%.

Oh yes, you read that title right. I'm giving away not 1 but 2 Noxgear vests. One for you, and one for a friend. (And keep in mind the Lighthound for your 4-legged friend).

For those of you who aren't familiar with Noxgear, where have you been?!? Just kidding. ;) Noxgear has been my go-to vest since I laid eyes on one. It's bright. It's lightweight. I usually forget that I'm wearing it. It has several different color settings and modes, and the battery life has been great.

Basically I don't run in dim/low light/darkness or fog without mine.

Why I Created A Vision Board

Just gotta put this out there, I've always thought the concept of vision boards was silly. I mean, do I really need to take magazine clippings and motivational quotes and put them on some board to visualize what my goals are?!?! But someone mentioned it in an accountability group that I am in. It piqued my interested and I put it on the maybe list.

Then I was reading a fitness magazine about this lady who had gained 50lbs during pregnancy and she reached a point that she just had to make a change. The first thing that she did was make a vision board? What?!?! Yep, she took magazine clippings and quotes and put down her goals of what she wanted.

So today,  partly because it's colder than cold and I refuse to go outside the house, and a little bit of boredom, I asked Lil Man