Saturday, October 22, 2016

I'm Still Here

Ya'll, I'm still here. I had no idea that trying to juggle everything could be so difficult sometimes. I mean I really have it great that Hubby will help with Lil Man when I need him and those types of things. But he's been traveling some. I've been trying to spend a lot of time with Lil Man with reading / library. He checked out 16 books the last time we went. And he got 12 the time before that. We went twice in one week. That's a lot of reading - it's great - but I found it was more time consuming than I imagined ;) But I've very happy to spend this time with him. And I love his new found freedom of having his own library card.

Also, I've been helping out at school, and the days that I'm not helping out, I've been walking. Yep, you read that right walking. And I don't mean the power walk right below a jog level, I mean walking. As in putting on some music and going for a stroll - whether it's outside or on the treadmill. And I have found that I love it. It's been a great stress reliever. It's not the constant pounding on my feet from running. My tarsal tunnel syndrome is still there with a vengeance.

But I can feel my legs getting stronger with each daily walk without the added stress of running.

Monday, October 17, 2016

A Week Into Intuitive Eating

Well, I wasn't 'supposed' to weigh - it's part of the intuitive eating thing that you don't weigh. The reason? Well because it can cause binge mentality or back to dieting - which is basically what Intuitive eating isn't about.

So I didn't weigh. I didn't plan to. I've felt the best that I've felt in a long time. Overall, I feel the last week was a success with my eating. I probably didn't listen to my body maybe 3 days last week. But for my first real week to give it 100%, I felt that was success. So I didn't want a number to dictate my mood. But I felt sooooo great and just knew that the scale had budged that I stepped on that evil little device.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Because I Said That I Would Be Honest

You know those pounds that I lost last week? Well, they are back. I am back up to 127lbs. Is it water weight? Maybe?  More than likely not... Am I frustrated? YEP!

Gone are the days in my 20's and 30's where I could drop 5lbs in one week by well, not changing much at all. Since I had Lil Man and I dieted to lose the 50lbs that I had gained during pregnancy, plus marathon training and dieting to try to get to ideal race weight, well my weight has been an issue for me - both physically and mentally.

I guess that was my first time that I actually tried to lose more than a few vanity pounds, and well since then I have struggled ever since. And I'd honestly like to know why, because I think if I figure out the why then maybe I can find a solution (for me).

And what I really want...

Saturday, October 1, 2016

That Number On The Scale

I truly hate that the number on the scale would more than likely dictate my mood... if not for the rest of the day but at least briefly. I almost didn't get on, because seriously, it's just a number.

And although I am trying to go by non-scale things, I also wanted to see if there was any change this week with the scale.

If you will remember, (Was It The Plan Or Was It Me) I had gained 2 lbs the week of Sept 16 and I was hovering around 127/128lbs. So I was actually nervous to get on the scale. Had I gained more? I closed my eyes as I stepped on the scale, took a deep breath, looked down and saw the number...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kick In The Gut

Wow, where to begin. It all started last weekend when a friend of mine from back home was in a terrible accident. I knew that he was fighting for his life, and my heart was crushed for him and his family. I knew it would be a long road to recovery, but I really thought he would pull through.

Monday began with going to the podiatrist who told me that I have plantar fasciitis in both feet plus I have tarsal tunnel syndrome in the right. I wasn't surprised to hear that. He then proceeded to bring up my weight... as in weight gain... as in the extra 15-20lbs that I'm carrying around. He told me that my body doesn't like it, and my body is letting me know. The extra weight is causing the nerves to be pressed in my foot which is making the tarsal tunnel syndrome worse.

I left the podiatrist office with tears in my eyes as I drove to the gym. It's so very frustrating to know that the weight is causing issues, but it's climbing instead of falling. Or that's been the trend lately.

As I was at the gym taking my frustration out on some bicep curls, I got a facebook message asking me about my friend back home. Someone saw a post that he had died. I immediately contacted one of my friends from back home. He had tried to call me while I was at the dr's office, and I guess the call didn't go through.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Quick Core Workout With The Bosu

Wobble wobble wobble... but I have to say, it was a great workout. And I could feel it almost immediately.

I saw this exercise somewhere out there on the internet, and I decided to give it a try.

Basically you need a bosu and some trx straps. I've done this without the bosu, but adding in the instability of the bosu ball really increased the difficulty.

Sorry about the ahem.. camera angle... but it was the only way that I could get my phone to stand up while I was working out.

So there you go.... now go work that core ;) 

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Was It the Plan Or Was It Me?

There is this thing called 'having a plan'. And then there is 'following the plan'. And then there is 'modifying the plan'. And then there is 'just ignoring the plan'.

And for this week, I believe I have done a little of all of the above.

It's great to have a goal, and a plan. But honestly, it has to be executed or it just won't happen. If you become complacent with just having a plan (like I have done) well your results won't be what you were hoping to see.

My weight loss plan didn't exactly get executed in the way that I had intended for it to...

I gained 2lbs this week. I know right?!? But I'm not going to let that totally discourage me. It just means I have to stop and take a look at what happened. So, what happened? Well, I had a plan. (that's good). I wrote out said plan (When You Reach The Moment You'll Know), and then... well... I didn't execute the plan. I ate a lot of emotions this week - a lot. (ummmm... yeah.. that wasn't part of the plan.. not even a modified one).

That being said, I also realized that my workout goals aren't happening either. You can have a program, but if you


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